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  • Autism Speaks Celebrity Chef Gala 2014
    How to define autism
    The autism spectrum is so wide that people who do not deal with it in their everyday lives don’t understand exactly what autism means. Often, people who were around in the 1980s picture Dustin Hoffman in “Rain Man”, and for some,...
  • Compass
    Five terms with nautical origins
    A lot of our common vernacular has nautical origins. Not all of those origin stories are true. It is very difficult to track down and prove the origins of words when most people were illiterate during the formation of our modern English language....
  • A waxing moon
    Word origins
    Word originsEtymology- where do words come from? What does it mean when one says, ‘he waxed poetic’? Or, ‘the moon waxes and wanes’? This meaning of the word ‘wax’ means to grow, to become. So, the moon becomes...
  • Hashtag
    Hash, pound, number... and fields?
    It's in the public eye more than ever. With social networks such as Facebook and Twitter (and their related integrations on a myriad of other websites), the mysterious symbol has arguably become a part of the human consciousness either due to...
  • The Holy Bible
    Jesus was born... just of some chick
    If you spend anytime in church, including those who only get to service on Mother's Day and Christmas, you know the story of the birth of Christ.Everyone say it with me, "Jesus was born of a"... what? A virgin.Yes, according to the...
  • Venn Diagram
    Geeks run the world and nerds let them, or do they?
    Which would you rather be? A geek, a nerd, a dork, or a dweeb?Words mean something. We all know that. But did you know that the words “geek” and “nerd” have different etymologies and meanings?CNN’s Ann Hoevel has a...
  • cranberry heart
    Some interesting facts about the cranberry
    Cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving staple, yet one that is often overlooked. The grandiose turkey, savory stuffing, piping hot rolls, creamy mashed potatoes, crispy green bean salad and tempting pies overshadow this little side dish so that it...
  • resized_fruits_and_vegetables2.jpg
    Flexitarian vegetarians? What are those?
    We all know that vegetarians do not eat meat, but what do flexitarians eat? Modeled on the word vegetarian, a flexitarian is someone who is a “flexible vegetarian” – a vegetarian who will generally avoids but will occasionally...
  • The meat we eat is titled from French, based upon the animal it came from.
    The language politics of your dinner meats
    Linguistic stratification is a common process. When two languages come into contact with each other, one of several things can happen: Either the languages continue to exist together and borrow from one another equally, an invasive language is...
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