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  • iOS 7 update error
    iOS 7 "update failed" error fix reported working for some Apple users
    Apple released the iOS 7 update to the public Wednesday (Sept.18), with updated features for existing Apple device owners. Users reported a “software update failed” error when trying to download iOS 7 via over-the-air or from iTunes...
  • Charles Darwin - Smart But Wrong
    Charles Darwin - Smart But Wrong
    A recent article outlined some of the recent areas where Charles Darwin was shown to be in error. This list takes some of the specific areas where Darwin was mistaken and reviews it in light of Christian beliefs.Darwin was a smart man who observed...
  • Logo for Runner2
    Gaijin Games working on Patch for Wii U version of 'Runner2'
    Last week, Gaijin Games Released 'Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien' for the Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam. Unfortunately, the Wii U version suffers from a minor bug which causes the system to lock up if you exit the game or attempt...
  • Mark Thompson, incoming executive editor of the New York Times
    Open Letter About New York Times' Distortions of Romney's GM/Bankruptcy Op-Ed
    TO: Mark Thompson, incoming Executive Editor New York TimesFROM: Mike Kersmarki, Tampa, FLRE: Seeking correction for serious errors in the Times' political coverageMy Dear Mr. Thompson:I know you don't take over until Nov. 12.And I see...
  • This Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time we search for the meaning of "Sin."
    This Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time we search for the meaning of "Sin."
    Father Joseph Kim began his homily for the Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time at our Cathedral in Reno Nevada, with a discussion of what “Sin,” means. He pointed to recent studies showing how our society does not know the meaning of...
  • People Standing Together Against Fraud
    Be vigilant in checking your account histories and reporting fraud Jacksonville
    With news of the Global Payments Network breach and a general influx of hacker activity, Jacksonville consumers should be vigilant in checking their account histories and reporting fraud.While your financial institution is responsible for fraud...
  • Bad Judgement
    Divine guidance is given, but I'm not listening
    Isn’t it wonderful how the perfect book shows up at just the right time or the person you need to speak with calls out of the blue? This is synchronicity and it happens all the time. By keeping your eyes peeled and watching for the signs...
  • Lowell Ridgeline
    Fighting over Lowell while battling misinformation
    Recently, the Public Service Board approved the construction of a 63-megawatt wind farm near the town of Lowell, Vermont. The project, which is headed by Green Mountain Power, hopes to create the largest wind farm in Vermont and extract enough...
  • Facebook
    Facebook explains its worst outage in four years
    Follow me on TwitterFacebook experienced an outage again on Thursday, meaning it was the second straight day that the social networking service was down, and thus, the second straight day that intense Facebook withdrawal took place globally. Late...
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