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  • Artificial sweeteners linked to diabetes risk
    Artificial sweeteners linked to diabetes risk
    Many favor artificial sweeteners because they want to decrease their sugar intake and reduce the risk of weight gain and diabetes. However, a new study has reported that artificial sweeteners can disrupt the body’s ability to regulate blood...
  • Sugar Substitutes
    Sugar substitutes cause blood sugar spikes, possibly diabetes
    Sugar substitutes in the pink, blue and yellow packets and those in diet soft drinks could hasten the development of blood-sugar diseases like diabetes, pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Research published yesterday (Sept. 18, 2014) in the...
  • Delicious, and healthy, too
    Cooking with kids: fruit smoothies
    Fruits smoothies can be an easy way to nourish your body with essential nutrients. The best way to know the exact ingredients in your smoothie is to make them yourself. All you need is a blender, fruit and a base, such as water, milk or yogurt...
  • OMG Gabrielle Reece says she’s submissive in her marriage
    OMG! Gabrielle Reece says she’s submissive in her marriage
    Meek, obedient and passive are not the words one would think of to use to describe Gabrielle Reece on the volleyball court. To each her own, but a seasoned woman knows, meek, obedient and passive woman don’t get anywhere in the role of...
  • Artificial sweeteners
    Are artificial sweeteners safe for my unborn baby?
    As a pregnant woman you want what’s best for your baby. You certainly wouldn’t eat or drink anything known to cause birth defects or risk your baby’s growth and development. So you are probably already aware of some food...
  • Wellness Mondays
    The dangers of artificial sugars verses natural sugars
    Artificial sweeteners are Equal, NutraSweet and Splenda. Natural sugars are Sugarcane, Stevia, Xylitol and fruit sugars. Our bodies recognize the raw nutrients of natural sugars and it has a nutritive effect on our organ systems. Equal and...
  • sugar
    What you need to know about artificial sweeteners
    Artificial sweeteners are a food additive that is used to mimic the taste of sugar. They usually contain less calories and some have a sweeter flavor than sugar. They are frequently used as weight control, and diabetic patients. They are also used...
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