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  • Ghost Hunters crewmember attacked by entity
    ‘Ghost Hunters’ crewmember attacked by entity
    A member of the “Ghost Hunters” camera crew found out what it feels like to get up close and personal with spirits on the Sept. 5 episode. Not only did she get close, she received multiple scratches from an unseen entity.“Ghost...
  • Night Demon
    What is a demon? Part 3: Essence and Character
    In our society, everyone knows essentially what a demon is. It is a malicious supernatural being. Some believe they are fallen angels, others believe they are pure negative energy that manifests themselves in our physical world.So, what is a demon...
  • Slenderman: From Fiction to Fact
    Slenderman: From fiction to fact?
    He was officially created in an internet contest when the readers of the “Something Awful” forums were asked to create a paranormal entity in a thread named “Create Paranormal Images”. The scheme was to create eerie images...
  • Communicating with the Dead: Tape Recorders and Microphones
    Communicating with the dead: Tape recorder and microphone
    Many Bangor area residents have shown an interest in the techniques used to communicate with the dead. Using a tape recorder and a microphone is the simplest way to communicate with a spirit. Recording is a good method to use and helps one gain...
  • Scary places
    Spooky places to visit in your area
    Are you ready for some new places to visit that are rumored to be haunted? Well here is a brand new batch of places that you should check out to see what you may find:1. Buckelew Mansion-Jamesburg, NJ2. Algonquin Hotel-NY, NY3. White Horse Tavern...
  • Alien body found near UFO crash in Russia?
    Alien body found near UFO crash in Russia?
    Reportedly, the body of a deceased extraterrestrial was found near the site of a UFO crash in Russia.The crash is reported to have happened in theregion of Irkutsk in Russia's Siberia. Villagers, literally hundreds of them, claim to have...