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  • Breaking the Chains Tour 2014
    The spiritual journey of Bill Bean
    As a young boy, Bill Bean was a typical all American child. He had a loving and close family. All of that began to change when the Bean family moved into the house of their dreams. In 1970, when Billy was four years old, his family finally was...
  • The Evergreens are comprised of thousands of entities – Part 2
    The Evergreens are comprised of thousands of entities – Part 2
    According to The Evergreens – a name chosen by Michael Blake Read and his wife, Elly - they are comprised of six and half to seven thousand entities that are between lives.In a channeled session they said, “We are a group of discarnate...
  • Mothman
    Mothman revisited
    Oh yeah, we have it all figured out. Aliens? No agreement from the PTB. Ghosts? There’s no such thing. Vampires and zombies? Hollywood. Monsters? Preposterous. We’re so sure we know what reality is made of because we were told it was a...
  • Sara and Orb
    Entities Around Us
    Ever wonder what exactly it is that goes bump in the night?Have you ever wondered why, when you walk in to a room, it suddenly gets ice cold and all of your hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up?The answers to these questions fall into...
  • Candlelight
    Subtle evidence of ghost activity around you
    Although most people who claim to have seen or heard ghosts have fascinating encounters that may even be evidenced in photos or EVP’s, there are forms of evidence that are so subtle that they can go unnoticed unless you pay close attention....
  • Ouija Board
    Ghosts, Spirits, and Entities…Oh My! – PAPS, Part II
    Have you ever wondered what the difference between ghosts, spirits, and poltergeists are? There is a very distinct difference between these groupings as well as some others like manipulated spirits and entities. Meeting with Rod, the founder of...
  • Callie cat chillin' like a villan
    What are spirits? Part Two
    So, why would this bring one to believe that spirits are energy? First energy never disappears, it changes forms and properties, but the energy still exists. {example: You use your Ipod till the battery dies, the Ipod is out of energy, but the...
  • Fingerprints on fishtank reveal a baby ghost's presence
    Fingerprints on fishtank reveal a baby ghost's presence
    Not too long ago, I was looking at my husband's fish tank and decided to take a closer look. He has all the most beautiful corals and marine fish that you can imagine. As I approached the tank, I was surprised to see the appearance of little...
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