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  • Special report from The Bahamas, Part 1: When rogues ruled the roost
    Special report from The Bahamas, Part 1: When rogues ruled the roost
    NASSAU, NEW PROVIDENCE ISLAND, THE BAHAMAS -- Imagine a cozy bay full of sloops, schooners and brigantines, all anchored under Jolly Rogers flapping in the gentle breezes. Ashore, their crews – better than a thousand of the era’s...
  • Grenson Shoes - Northampton, England
    Get To Know Grenson
    Let’s face it, the British know their shoes, and boy can they make them. Brands such as Church’s, John Lobb, Loake, Crockett & Jones, are all synonymous with British shoemaking heritage, and in many cases, Northampton, aka. the...
  • Essential Canadian phrases in English and French
    Essential Canadian phrases in English and French
    As a public service, we now present for new comers to English Canada a few words and phrases that will help you fit right in, even with a rudimentary understanding of spoken Canadian English.The essential words and phrases you must learn include...
  • Use fewer, and not less, for countable items
    English-Math synergy: student experiences
    In a previous article, a hypothesis suggested that making a connection between English and Math words can help students overcome their fear of math word problems. Is it true? Does this really work? Here are some student responses to the hypothesis...
  • English-Math synergy benefits students
    English-Math synergy helps students overcome fear of math
    Community college students generally dislike math word problems. The difficulty is particularly pronounced in introductory algebra, intermediate algebra and introductory statistics courses. Students often cannot make sense of what the question is...
  • Document Editing in Boston
    Best online English editing services by Boston meditation practitioners
    Writing with perfect English is difficult!But bilingual/multilingual (ESL) English language learners can have their content edited by experienced professionals who practice meditation.Boston is full of diverse people who need English editing. It...
  • Kiss
    Gene Simmons opens fire on immigrants who won't learn English
    "In America, I’ve learned, you have an inferred judiciary duty to learn how to speak English. Get rid of your accent, I did."Chaim Witz, formerly of Haifa, Israel and New York City, New York and now of Los Angeles, California has...
  • The emoji boom: better communication?
    The emoji boom: better communication?
    Dear LA Teacher,My grandkids always send me cute text messages with happy faces, hearts, and other cutesy pictures. What’s this all about? Has communication in the 21st Century gone primeval?Concerned GrandmaDear Concerned Grandma,LOL! No,...
  • Elementary Algebra students at San Jose City College
    Common core standards and California's community colleges
    The Common Core Standardshave been designed for ourK-12 students. Shifts from current standards include practice with complex texts, reading, writing, and speaking grounded in evidence from texts for fiction and non-fiction, building knowledge...
  • Amish Mafia
    'Amish Mafia' sees the ‘End of Days’ part 2 of 2 on Discovery Channel
    Last night’s season finale episode of "Amish Mafia," titled “End of Days,” saw Lebanon Levi heed the warning of his attorney, Steven Breit to cut ties with Discovery Channel by putting an end to the filming of the show....
  • Dr. Clarissa Dillon
    Eighteenth century appetizers from two culinary historians
    For much of the history of the western world, the diet of the common person was limited more by finances than by availability. There were always the affluent that were the foodies of their day. Fortunately it was in those households that &ldquo...
  • Apples to Oranges
    Tips on arguing: weak analogies
    An analogy is a comparison that shows how seemingly different things are similar in some relevant way. They can be extremely helpful for relating new or complex ideas to people, because you can draw connections to things with which they’re...
  • Michele Bachmann did not say this dumb thing
    Focus on the truth not on those things that have the sound of truth
    Just because something sounds like the truth, does not mean that it is the truth. The Facebook meme featuring Michele Bachmann saying something ridiculous about Christ, the Bible and English is not actually something that she has said.In fact, the...
  • Here we go around the mulberry bush
    Dating Sites. Try editing for once!
    For those fortunate enough to have a successful marriage, one made of unconditional love, then this article is NOT for you. But for more than half of American’s who have loved and lost and found themselves alone in their 40s, then please,...
  • More on the discussions of the English language
    More on the discussions of the English language
    This video discusses the effects of the English language and how it has been used almost world-wide.
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