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  • I'm better than you
    Closing the gender gap in education
    Boys and girls learn differently but they are often given the same education. Luckily, North Texas educators are wise to the trend and how to create a classroom that engages both the female and male mind.Psychologist and family physician Dr....
  • Are You Engaged?
    Using Social Media to Promote Your Small Business – Are you engaged?
    Many small businesses are just beginning to buy into the social media craze. Silence is no longer an option in today’s world of social media. People are always online. Someone is online talking about your business right this minute whether,...
    Earth-Touch: Video use in the classroom is a website containing free video clips of all things dealing with nature. A group in South Africa owns the company and their mission is to both educate and entertain as they strive to raise awareness and provoke reaction to a...
  • Brammo Engage
    Brammo gets engaged, but waits for the big day
    Ashland-based electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo has released a video showcasing a brand new prototype called the Engage. Upon first glance, this electric bike looks poised to break the mold of a typical electric commuting vehicle, and in...
  • resized_community_712702.jpg
    Avenues for Deeper Community
    A quick perusal of church websites in the Raleigh/Garner/Cary area will offer some surprising discoveries. One word mentioned almost as much as “Jesus” is the word “community”. Even my church, Sovereign King, speaks of ...
  • bookmarks.jpg
    Do you use social bookmarks?
    Social sites are not just where you chat back and forth with friends and post pictures. As I mentioned before, there are many other social sites besides Facebook and Twitter. Social bookmarking sites fall into this category. There are different...
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