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  • Iris bench
    10 conscious New Year's resolutions for gardeners
    As the year winds down, gardeners can't help but gear up--at least in their imaginations--for another season of gardening. As gardeners, we can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. By cultivating plant life, we can nurture...
  • The Amazing 16th Street and Sanchez Mural in San Francisco
    End-of-the-Year Astrological CuckooLandia Grand Finale
    You know by now I always see the highest in the planets and don't believe in any way in Victim Astrology. There's a lofty, often unseen, purpose for every stretch. But having said that, the next three days are really unusual. The period...
  • Catching Up
    Catching Up
    The end of the school year is fast approaching. For many virtual schooled students, this is an opportunity to slack off a little. State testing is over; most of their courses are completed; and new subjects typically can not be ordered at this...
  • Year
    Year in Review
    As 2011 winds down, Washington, D.C. is reminded of some very interesting and exciting news stories that not only captivated the District, but also the world. There were many stories that demanded attention. Below is my Top 10 top ten stories of...
  • Top 20
    Best Books of 2011
    After much debate, page-turning, and anticipation, has finally unveiled their "Best of" lists! Narrowing the honor down to 100 novels, the top twenty are listed in ascending order below. Happy reading to all!20. The Sisters...