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  • Do you have the time?
    The challenge of time, in a technological driven economy
    Many of us know it all too well. We get numerous emails from those we might label friends, family, co-workers, business associates, salespeople, and then all others. These messages can arrive from the early morning hours to late at night. Each may...
  • Emoticons
    Back to School: Emoticons in your emails and text - how, when and what they mean
    Back to school usually means more texting and emails. More? Like we need more reasons to text or email, however technology is growing at lightning speed.Monday, August 22nd, St. Johns County schools will open. Do you know your cell phone policies?...
  • And the Oscar goes to?
    And the Oscar goes to... your first online dating email
    Predictably, like the millions who will tune into the upcoming Oscars to see what unaffordable and even more unpronounceable designer names the celebrities are wearing; online singles of Los Angeles and the world over will flock to their computer...
  • Send a first email
    You don’t get a 2nd chance to make a virtual impression
    When is a message more than just a message? Quite possibly when the entire fate of your future love life depends on it. Or perhaps it’s that critical situation when you need to send a dire communication about the fact your Aunt Sally’s...
  • AP/VerizonWireless
    Two simple habits for more professional emails
    Have you ever sent an email to someone you were trying to impress that you immediately wished you could take back? Perhaps you forgot to send the attachment. Or perhaps you realized after you sent it that you had a typo. Perhaps you included a...
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