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  • The date 11-11-11
    Why 11-11-11 isn't more significant than any other day
    God created all days, and the date of one is no more significant than any other day. The date 11-11-11 doesn't mean any more to God than 07-23-45 or 11-20-70 or 12-26-72. Why not? God doesn't respond to dates. The only unit of time with...
  • Martina McBride
    Martina McBride album due Oct. 11
    Close to marking her 20th year as a recording artist, country singer Martina McBride will release a new album Oct. 11.Titled “Eleven” to mark her 11th studio album, the album also includes 11 new songs to add to her legacy.This is her...
  • Eleven by Mark Watson
    Book review of Eleven by Mark Watson
    While wandering the ‘New Fiction’ section at the Appleton Public Library the other evening, I picked up Eleven by Mark Watson. Eleven focuses mainly on the life of Xavier Ireland, a late night talk radio host who relishes in solving...
  • Number 11
    Number 11 and its meaning in the Bible
    ElevenAnd they cast their lots, and the lot fell on Matthias. And he was numberedwith the eleven apostles. (Acts 1:26)The number eleven is the number of disorder, imperfection andincompleteness. Eleven signifies a state not yet full. After Judas...
  • Endings & Beginnings
    11 days for 11 minutes at 11:11 starting 11/11/2010
    For 11 days focus on a major shift in the world consciousness towards one of Love and Light.Imagine people waking up all over the world surprised to find that poverty and war no longer exist because we no longer think in those terms.Now we think...