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  • Japanese Woman in Tokyo with Facial Protection Mask
    North Korea EMP threat, according to Chinese military journal
    Washington residents are some of the highest users of home computers and electronic devices in the country. According to a seattletimes article, Washington state ranks third out of the U.S. states for percentage of residents having access to...
  • Magnacoaster
    Rasa's Zero Point Institute Announces Emerging Generators Galore
    A theoretical physicist and networker in India describes the scientific basis for magnetic resonance generators. He said he has received his Vorktex generator from Magnacoaster, who is now delivering back-orders, and that this is but one of...
  • MRC's 100 kW new paradigm generator/motor proves itself in field test
    MRC's 100 kW new paradigm generator/motor proves itself in field test
    Millennial Research, Corp. of Tulsa has proven its production prototype 100 kilowatt Magnetronic motor/generator at an oil well pump site, costing 53% less than what power from the grid would have cost. The design is a radical departure from the...
  • Johan's circuit
    Johan Open Sourcing His Free Energy Solid State Charger
    Johannesburg inventor, Johan, is working with us at PES Network, Inc. to open source a circuit design that enables a battery to be recharged from ambient energy from the Sterling D. AllanPure Energy Systems News In November of 2009...
  • CNC Lathe
    Searl Magnetics Nearing Eureka -- Personal UFOs Coming Soon?
    The Californian free energy company, Searl Magnetics, seems to have made progress towards their goal of building a fully functional Searl Effect Generator. A new video posted online shows the high tech equipment that fills their laboratory.Part II...
  • Perendev magnet motor inventor arrested for embezzlement
    Perendev magnet motor inventor arrested for embezzlement
    After declaring bankruptcy in Germany, Mike Brady rented a house at Lake Zurich in Switzerland and leased a fleet of Maserati and several Range Rovers. He was arrested on March 29 and extradited to Germany where 61 customers wanted their money...
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