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  • Five classic movies to watch for Election Day
    Five classic movies to watch for Election Day
    Today, Nov. 4 is known as Election Day, a day where the polls are open and it's time to vote. So since it's Election Day, here is a list of classic movies that are perfect for this day. After you go to the polls, check out these movies!...
  • Voting machines still flipping in Maryland?
    Voting machines still flipping in Maryland?
    As Marylanders head to the polls Tuesday, questions linger over early-voting glitches that could affect the election’s outcome.After reporting thatvoting machines had flipped Republican votes to Democratsin several counties,
  • National Candy Day: The sweet treat Americans love to eat
    National Candy Day: The sweet treat Americans love to eat
    Have you heard the buzz? One of the sweetest days in the entire year is here! According to a Foodimentary report published on Nov. 4, one of the sweetest days in the entire year is here. It’s time to get your sweet tooth on, folks. Nov. 4 is...
  • Greg Abbott center of election drama tomorrow
    Greg Abbott at center of election drama Tuesday
    Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, the man who overcame paralysis, faces the biggest election day of his career tomorrow as voters will march to the polls and decide who the next governor of Texas is. Although many have taken advantage of early...
  • Anarchy symbol
    Twelve arguments for voting and how to refute them
    Every year on Election Day, many celebrities, pundits, and other public figures tell us to “do your civic duty and go vote.” Numerous organizations make get-out-the-vote efforts to convince people to go to the polls. They employ...
  • 'Prevent'
    Nation will learn Tuesday if billionaires can buy elections
    The nation will be watching Washington State tomorrow to see whether billionaires can buy elections and establish a new strategy to erode the privacy rights of gun owners – at least in the eyes of Second Amendment activists – while the...
  • Election Day Candidates On the Trail
    Getting Prepared for the Midterm Elections
    With the midterm elections just around the corner, knowing who to vote for may be harder for some while being a no-brainer for others. In order to make the most informed decision, it is best to research each of the candidates. Television and radio...
  • Empty polls on election day
    Who will sit out this election?
    This upcoming off year election is less than thirty days away. Will you be one of the ones who sit out this election? Over three million sat out the last presidential election. Only 36.9 percent of the eligible voters went thru the trouble to vote...
  • Voting day is tomorrow
    Candidates upping the ante for primary election tomorrow
    Starting tomorrow morning at 7:00 am, polls across the state of Pennsylvania open their doors at 7:00 a.m. to registered voters looking to exercise their constitutional right to cast a ballot in the 2014 primary election. Throughout all the hoopla...
  • A History of the Voting Rights Act
    Clayton County Candidates Respond to Questionnaire
    The Clayton County Democratic Party gave a questionnaire to all the candidates seeking election or re-election to a School Board or Commissioner Office. Each candidate was given ample opportunity to submit their responses, and the time has come to...
  • The 2014 Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Race: Allyson Schwartz
    The 2014 Pennsylvania's Governor's Race: Allyson Schwartz
    In roughly 260 days from now Pennsylvania residents will be able to control certain aspects of their lives when they take part in the election that will determine who will be state’s next governor on November 4, 2014.Just as important as...
  • "I Voted" for these 5 Great Political Books
    One Vote, One Book: Election Day Reads for Every Wannabe Politico
    For those in the know, it’s Election Day! Here are five books – both fiction and nonfiction – that will get your political pulse racing.
  • NY Senate
    Cuomo gambles on voter apathy to change constitution
    For all the publicity it has received you could be excused from entering the polls today to elect local candidates and finding to your surprise constitutional amendments listed on the reverse side of your ballot. Our New York State Constitution is...
  • Campaign for a better job
    Campaign for a better job
    Election Day can be a motivator if you’re seeking employment or just trying to climb out of a dead end job. First, do a throughout self-assessment. Use your strengths as building blocks for your campaign. Be aware of your weaknesses so you...
  • Voter apathy a cop out when choice at the polls exists
    Election Day tomorrow allows voters choice in politics providing they vote
    It should come as no surprise that tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5th, is Election Day. This is a municipal general electionwhere any United State citizen who is at least 18 years or older, a Pennsylvania citizen residing for at least 30 days in one...
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