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  • Rowing Upstream – meditation and loss of focus
    Rowing Upstream – meditation and loss of focus
    Every fall in this northwestern region we all go through the change of seasons in various ways, but almost all of us experience a gradual change in our own energies, from the lighter faster energies of the summer to the slower, more sedate...
  • Thoughtful person
    Even introverts can be taken seriously at work: Part 1
    Do people take you seriously when you have an idea? Do they choose you to head a major project without your having to volunteer? Are you the first name people think of when they’re looking for help or knowledge?In this day and age, the old...
  • Jesus cross
    Thoughts on sacrifice
    Sacrifice is a word we don’t think about that often. The word can be scary, conjuring up thoughts of what will be taken from us. It can be very hard to give up things with which you’d rather not go without. Our Ego tells us we want it...
  • Effort
    Growth mindset leads to success
    Have you ever heard the question: “If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” Author Carol Dweck in her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success theorizes that people who get praise for their innate ability develop a...
  • Kate Gosselin
    Kate Gosselin talks about her attitude on Twitter
    Kate Gosselin is no stranger to haters, as she has learned that her bullying are now being punished in the public eye and her ex-husband may be working closely with an author, who has publicly said that he despised Kate. However, she manages to...
  • 100,000+ still in the dark - How you can help in the Queen City, right now
    100,000+ still in the dark - How you can help in the Queen City, right now
    It's 11 days now and counting that folks have been freezing, unable to cook in their homes and plunged into looting threats and the pitch black darkness of having no power. It's no wonder they don't want to leave their destroyed homes...
  • Center of Hope
    Health, Opportunity, People, and Effort this is what the new shelter can offer the city of Conroe. Some people feel ashamed to live in a city with homeless people or even for just knowing someone who is homeless. The only shame that someone should...
  • The Talent Code
    Talent is not enough
    The idea that rigorous coursework is necessary for gifted students is not a new notion. Experts in gifted education have claimed for years that gifted and talented (TAG) students will fall behind if they aren't adequately challenged.Theories...
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