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  • Microwave
    Is microwaving food harmful?
    It is common to hear the myth that microwaving foods reduces their vitamin content and is overall an unhealthy practice, but does that statement hold any truth? In studies such as that performed by Dr. Zhang in the journal entitled "Food...
  • The Placebo Effect
    The placebo effect and you
    The placebo effect is a natural human phenomenon in which an individual is given a false treatment, surgery, or medication while being told that it should cure symptoms associated with the experienced illness or disease. In this kind of medical...
  • Oprah and Lyanla continue Fatherless Sons follow up and reaction
    Oprah and Iyanla continue Fatherless Sons follow up and reaction
    In the United States, one in three children will grow up fatherless. That's a rather large population. Is this a part of learning consciousness for the people of the earth? To learn to bring back love and to learning how to heal, and for...
  • Oprah’s Life Class Fatherless Sons, change in consciousness will bring healing
    Oprah’s Life Class Fatherless Sons, change in consciousness will bring healing
    Fathers who don’t take up the responsibility or raising their child, who shows up for everything, who are a part of everything, whether the child is a good child or not, whether the parent has failures or not, is a connection many children...
  • ME3 Logo
    Free Mass Effect 3 DLC on its way
    Bioware has announced another DLC, though this one won't likely have the impact on the player base that the DLC to add to the current endings will later this year. No, this DLC is for the Multiplayer functions of Mass Effect 3. A free DLC, set...
  • ME3 Logo
    BioWare announces Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut
    The announcement many fans have been awaiting in tense silence is here - Bioware is planning to release DLC this Summer, which they are currently calling the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut. They revealed in their press release that this DLC will...
  • Mass Effect 3
    Rumor: Bioware to make 'big and amazing' announcement at PAX
    And it might just make a lot of people happy.A user on Bioware's social site forums (named "Captain Dope", though you may want to forget that if you want to retain any credibility) recently posted an interesting story. While at a sci...
  • Commander Shepard takes aim.
    Mass Effect 2 review
    Mass Effect 2, or ME2, was released the 18th of last month for the Playstation 3. A welcome addition after many a jealous gamer, in the southern part ofNew Jersey, fought tooth and nail with their overwhelming Xbox 360 counterparts about the truly...
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