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  • What's on your Face Book?
    Is your Face Book account posting too much or not posting at all?
    After soliciting the assistance of a Face Book friend and Small Group member, we discovered that things were not showing up on our news feeds. Face Book has changed a lot of things (see ‘List Pictures’) and may not have notified their...
  • FaceFilter3-PRO pictures: before and after
    FaceFilter3-PRO will transform your photos
    Let’s face it - we all want to look great in photographs. In a world of social media and online dating, each new site asks for a profile picture. A lot of our business is done online now too, and we need to represent ourselves professionally...
  • Poorly written books are an embarrassment to the author.
    Why Your Book Needs Editing
    Maybe you are a good speller and you're great with punctuation. You managed to keep an 'A' average in English while in school. Why hire an Editor and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars when you can do it yourself, right? Well, this...
  • Mitt Romney, gentleman editor and man of the people
    Mitt Romney, Editor
    Not only is former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney a man of the people (see the video), he's also something of an editor.According to Think Progress, Romney decided to circulate the endorsement he received from the Times Daily, a newspaper...
  • No meeting
    Western Oklahoma Writers will not meet in February
    The Western Oklahoma Writers will not meet this Thursday. The group normally meets the first Thursday of each month but will forego the February gathering due to poor attendance at the previous two meetings and the inclement weather.The group...
  • Day 29 of national novel writing month
    Day twenty-nine of NaNoWriMo how to write sequels
    Day twenty-nine of National Novel Writing Month! This is the day before the end! Do we find you typing like a manic? Or, have you reached your word count for today and you have a total of 48,333 words! Are you sitting back happily contemplating...
  • nanowrimo
    Day sixteen of NaNoWriMo try adding dialogue
    Today is, November 16, the sixteenth day of National Novel Writing Month, are you on track with your word count. Today you should have 26,667 words.Show, don’t tell..How many times have you heard that bit of advice?My first drafts arealways...
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