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  • Review: Edible Raw Cookie Dough by The Cookie Dough Cafe
    Review: Edible Raw Cookie Dough by The Cookie Dough Cafe
    Admit it. There's been a point during cookie baking when you took a nibble of the cookie dough (salmonella be damned!). Unfortunately, people can actually get sick from eating raw cookie dough, so while it's fun for the tastebuds, it might...
  • Berry Tree
    Create a stunning--and edible!--holiday centerpiece
    When it comes to the holidays, home decor and festive food probably share equally in the focus they command. But now, there's one other option that incorporates both so beautifully and uniquely into one: a Very Berry Holiday Tree!With just a...
  • pumpkin
    The great pumpkin
    A functional food by definition is a “natural or processed food that contains known biologically-active compounds which when defined quantitative and qualitative amounts provides a clinically proven and document health benefit, and thus an...
  • Hot Licks
    Edible & Spicy: Hot Licks in San Diego, CA
    Hot-pepper lovers who are visiting San Diego, California have got to stop at hot-peppers paradise: Hot Licks! From Jalapenos to Habaneros, Chipotle and more... A great variety of hot-peppers in countless presentations can be found within the...
  • Japanese apricot or Ume
    Eco-chic: Winter Bloom and Berry Landscapes
    For many, winter signifies a three-month vacation but just because the temperature dips below 30 degrees, doesn’t mean you turn your back on a landscape. Believe it or not, there are plant as well as design options that can make a winter...
  • Vegetable garden
    Edible landscaping tour
    Once a year, the Palo Alto gardening non-profit Common Ground holds its tour of local gardens where residents have planted fruits and vegetables. Naturally, they call it ”The Edible Landscaping Tour.”I’ve taken this tour and...
  • Homemade Play-Doh
    Fun for rainy days, the ultimate play-doh recipe
    There are always those rainy days when the kids are stuck indoors and want to do something fun. Rather than having them watch T.V, there is a fun way they can stay active indoors. Play-doh is always a favorite among kids and making your own is...
  • Cattail
    The Cattail, natures multi-tool
    Howdy campers. I've had a few requests for information about useful plant life in the outdoors. We have a lot of species in the Western part of U.S. that can be used as edible or for medicinal purposes. Many can do both.I wanted to start with...
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