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  • Picking your next travel destination
    Special Destinations Travel Guide from Abelow
    Sometimes the hardest thing to do in travel is to choose a destination. Here are the top destinations fromAbelow for those looking for something special.For the Yogi:Old Stone FarmRhinebeck, New York:Surprise your yogi with a weekend away from it...
  • Waimalu Nature Park public meeting
    Will Hawaii learn to live with Eco-Tourism?
    Everyone agrees in principle that Hawaii should develop new sustainable, eco-friendly tourism. The problems arise when one such project lands too close to home.On February 19th there was a community informational meeting held to discuss the...
  • Hanging with the Huaorani, Ecudaor’s Tropic Journeys in Nature
    Hanging with the Huaorani, Ecudaor’s Tropic Journeys in Nature
    If you’re looking for a life-changing girlfriend getaway, far from the maddening crowds, I think Ecuador’s award-winning ecotourism company, Tropic Journeys in Nature, has just the ticket.After salivating over many of their enticing...
  • Our carbon footprint
    Eco-tourism, what is our carbon footprint?
    Just like at home, our daily routines while traveling, have a significant impact on the environment. Activities like shopping, sightseeing and dining out directly affect our carbon footprint – that is, the quantity of carbon dioxide and...
  • Blackbird Resort
    Visit Belize at half-off even though unaffected by Hurricane Sandy
    Blackbird Caye Resort in Belize City, in Belize is offering the public a deal hard to resist. Half off their normal guest room charges to stay at this remarkable resort in an effort to attract visitors who may have been put off by media stories of...
  • The Forest Retreat Laos cafe and bar makes a mean grilled cheese
    The Forest Retreat Laos cafe and bar makes a mean grilled cheese
    In the misty mountain provincial capital of Luang Namtha in northern Laos, a mere 50 miles from the Chinese border, a traveler would not normally expect to enjoy a perfect grilled cheese sandwich, stuffed with banana, while sipping a shot of Lao...
  • Igloo or tree house?
    Igloo or tree house?
    I recently met a retired science educator at a lecture about travel to Antartica. Not surprisingly, as an educator, she is now intrigued with eco-tourism and has begun investing in a line of portable lodging. As an interior designer, my interest...
  • ZurichChurch2.jpg
    Sister cities San Francisco and Zurich get closer part 6, we're talkintravel (video)
    Nothing is as it seems in Zurich. Churches double as modern art galleries, bathhouses by day become nightclubs by night, and breweries have been converted into spas. The city consistently named as one of the best places to live in the world by...
  • ZurichCoupleoverlookingwater.jpg
    Sister cities San Francisco and Zurich get closer part 5, we're talkintravel (video)
    Everything Old is New Again: Stroll just a few blocks and wind up in the past, Zurich’s glorious Old Town. Don’t worry about directions; the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans wafting out the window of Schwarzenbach Kolonialwaren...
  • SAgameLodgewithGuard.jpg
    World Cup South Africa, talkintravel style Part 1 (video)
    Rich and his guard walk back to my room. My World Cup reflections don't include photo ops of Landon Donovan or Siphiwe Tshabalala but of construction and renovations of stadiums in South Aftrica a few years ago. The most soccer I witnessed were...
  • SWisslogosmall.jpg
    Sister cities San Francisco and Zurich get closer part 3, we're talkintravel (videos)
    Zany Zurich: Ch ch changes, as David Bowie sings, are happenin’ to Switzerland’s largest city. When Swiss International Air Lines sponsored a contest for the best idea promoting the non-stop flight from San Francisco to Zurich, the...
  • Swiss International Air Lines, the national airline of Switzerland.
    Summer fun in Zurich and new flights from Swiss Int'l Air Lines, we're talkintravel
    Swiss International Air Lines is adding a brand new non-stop flight from San Francisco to Zurich starting June 2nd, and the city of Zurich is gearing up for summer with street parades, festivals, musical events, outdoor viewing of the world cup,...
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