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  • Emilie Autumn with a friend at Warped Tour 2014
    "Warped Tour Gone Renaissance Fair:" Is the asylum musical really happening?
    It is time, Plague Rats to take a collective breathe in, and to thus carefully exhale. The following interview with our favorite musician- Emilie Autumn- provides some very exciting tidbits about her upcoming performance for this year's...
  • A-Z of Northeast Florida:  E is for Eccentric
    A-Z of Northeast Florida: E is for Eccentric
    What do you think of when you hear the word eccentric? A little old lady who hides a fortune under her mattress? A habit of only wearing white or waking at 3am each day?Now, switch that thinking to locations. And come with me to a few...
  • please feed the artists
    Please feed the artists
    A commonality in thinking amongst individuals who aren’t in creative fields almost (always) goes as follows: ‘So, what’s the backup plan?’ No one ever asks a teacher, an engineer, a doctor if they’ve got &lsquo...
  • Top ten Gothic and eccentric themed restaurants in New York City.
    Top ten Gothic and eccentric themed restaurants in New York City
    As most New York City residents would agree, one of the best parts of living in the Big Apple is the remarkable variety of dining establishments. Some of thefinestcuisine from around the world is found on the island of Manhattan. The city also...
  • Lady Gaga voted best loved eccentric in the world
    Lady Gaga named 'Most Eccentric Celebrity'
    Lady Gaga has been named "Most Eccentric Celebrity" in a poll conducted by snack maker Nature Valley as they launch a new power bar.The name of the new product is "Sweet & Nutty," which seems appropriate enough.Who did she...
  • Duck Push-Up
    Focus on Negative Repetitions to increase strength
    There are three types of muscular contractions: concentric, isometric, and eccentric. Concentric refers to the work or positive phase, in which the muscle shortens to pull the insertion towards the origin. This is typically the “up”...
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