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Earthquake Articles - Page 2

Rocks hate you

July 9, 2014
While the television news and the internet and every other possible means of communication now known to us moderns keep informing us daily of disasters far and wide, none of them seem to cause more than a passing interest in...

Mexico earthquake strikes with 7.2 magnitude

April 18, 2014
A Mexico earthquake struck on Friday morning. While the powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake’s force was felt throughout Mexico, there was reportedly no damage, according to an NBC News report on Friday. Many buildings shook throughout...

Earthquakes shake the Solomon Islands

April 13, 2014
Two earthquakes in the same day strike off the coast of the Solomon Islands on Sunday, April 13, 2014. The second and stronger quake occurred late Sunday night at 11:36 p.m. local time, according toUSA...

Chile earthquake has 8.2 magnitude

April 2, 2014
A Chile earthquake struck off northern Chile on Tuesday night with a magnitude of 8.2, causing a small tsunami, according to a Yahoo! News report on Wednesday morning. The Chile earthquake required evacuations all along Chile’s...