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  • Zayn Malik quits One Direction
    What to sell on eBay: Zayn Malik One Direction Dolls
    After 5 years of One Direction “1D”, Zayn Malik announced yesterday that he is leaving the band. Zayn contends that it is time to be a normal 22-year-old with time away from the spotlight. eBay sellers should know what this means. Zayn...
  • Search Engine Optimization eBay Keywords
    eBay issues resolved: Search Engine Keywords and Store Categories Frame
    As previously reported, eBay sellers were experiencing issues in a couple of areas of under “Manage My Store”. Specifically, sellers reported:Error in accessing search engine keywords:
  • Johnny Weir fashion, Linda's Stuff eBay Store
    Buy Johnny Weir famed fashion collection on ebay
    Calling all fashion enthusiasts and figure skater fans -- former champion skater-turned-fashionista, Johnny Weir is currently selling/auctioning his famed fashion items! This eBay shopping extravaganza is also for a good cause, as a portion of the...
  • eBay Celebrates Final Season of "Mad Men" with Exclusive Deals
    eBay Celebrates Final Season of "Mad Men" with Exclusive Deals
    Mad Men has been a top favorite show of many households since it aired in 2007. It's been highly regarded for its costume design, acting, writing, directing, and has won a whole slew of Emmys and Golden Globes! Don, Betty, Peggy, Pete, Joan,...
  • Amputee shoe
    When you only have one shoe to sell - list it on eBay as amputee shoe
    eBay sellers are constantly on the look out for ways to make money selling odd or unique items. One category some sellers have not heard of is "amputee shoes." Sometimes sellers arrive home with a pair of mismatched shoes or one in a...
  • Walt Disney monorail car up for auction on eBay!
    Walt Disney monorail car on eBay: How about $169K monorail man cave in backyard?
    A Walt Disney monorail car from the original fleet is yet another unique item that was recently posted to eBay. This comes along with a bunch of ideas from the seller about what you might do with the car once getting it home. You will be hard...
  • Patriotic apparel sells all year round!
    What to sell on eBay: Patriotic American apparel
    Is it just me, or do other Moms dress their children in red, white and blue for patriotic dates? Patriotic apparel can be worn almost any day, but is most popular around holidays: Fourth of July, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and...
  • Police Departments creating Craiglist Safety
    Craigslist safe zone created by police
    For years people have bought and sold items off of Craigslist and it has not always been a safe thing to do. There is now a Craigslist Safe Zone created by Police in Gainesville Georgiaon March 12. Many other police stations in Georgia are also...
  • eBay corporate
    Why eBay places selling limits on user accounts
    For many years, anyone could open an eBay account and start selling as much of any type of item as they wanted without restrictions. That is no longer the case. A few years ago, eBay began placing selling limits on both new and established sellers...
  • Round egg sold on Ebay
    Video: Spherical, round egg sells on Ebay for $741
    You may have heard that people will sell and buy anything on Ebay and it's true. People will even buy chicken eggs, but this egg at least is described as being one in a billion.This story comes from the UK and focuses hen owner Kim Broughton,...
  • Diane gilman
    Diane Gilman DG2 a profitable women's clothing brand to sell on eBay
    Diane Gilman is a fashion designer whose clothing is sold on The Home Shopping Network. According to, "She started her first fashion store in Los Angeles as a freshman at UCLA in the mid 60’s. Diane followed the music...
  • Jams World
    Jams World shirts a hot seller on eBay
    Gen Xers will remember this one from the 1980s - Jams World print Hawaiian shirts. These brightly colored button front shirts made of Rayon were popular with surfers, skate boarders, and "Jeff Spiccoli" types. They were abstract patterns...
  • eBay sellers unable to edit search engine keywords
    eBay sellers report glitch in accessing search engine keywords
    eBay sellers, including myself, trying to edit Search Engine Keywords for their store report the page is not accessible. Instead, sellers receive the generic Page Not Responding message.To edit Search Engine Keywords, go to:1. Log in to eBay2. Go...
  • How to Respond to Negative Feedback on eBay
    How to respond to negative feedback on eBay
    New and experienced eBay sellers strive for a 100% performance feedback rating. However, it is unrealistic for even Top Rated Sellers to satisfy each and every customer. On occasion, there is one tough customer that refuses to be pleased,...
  • Costco Way
    The Costco Way Cookbooks are a hot seller on eBay
    Successful eBay sellers are constantly increasing their knowledge base about what to sell. We live in a world of abundance where inventory is everywhere. The trick to converting “stuff” to cash is being able to recognize items that...