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  • This is where I leave You
    Yep, this is where I leave you!
    This Is Where I Leave You: Rated “R” (1 hour, 43 minutes) Starring: Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, Adam Driver, Rose Byrne, Timothy OlyphantDirected by: Shawn LevyWe all have family, some of ours are more dysfunctional than others, and while...
  • John Boehner
    Impeaching President Obama would give to him a free ride
    Republicans may try to impeach the President, but they had better hurry up. The reason is that while 60% of the Republican base like the idea, 40% don’t. If the midterm elections produce a better than expected outcome for Democrats,...
  • Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian: ‘Our family is the biggest most happiest dysfunctional family’
    Kim Kardashian may be happy with her daughter and a ring on her finger, but the rest of her family may not be doing so well. Kim decided to sit down with Jay Leno this week to talk about her life and her family, and she revealed that she and Kanye...
  • "Side Effects"
    “Side Effects” –with Joely Richardson & Cotter Smith ends all too soon
    It’s a love-hate marriage when bi-polar Melinda (Joely Richardson) spews venom galore on politically aspiring husband Hugh (Cotter Smith) somewhere in a Midwestern town. Even if she takes her pills, which she doesn’t regularly, her...
  • The Family Celebration
    Family Unity, repair the damage
    We hear much today, even in the Mount Juliet, Nashville area, about dysfunctional families; families torn apart by separation, divorce, by drugs and alcohol, and poverty, and by situations that bring stress and turmoil. Whatever the cause of...
  • Waterlily Shawl close up
    When to Speak, When to Keep Quiet
    An acquaintance of mine was sharing with me a story that is very sad. He knows a lady who died. The problem is that the lady's husband fought with her quite a bit during her last months. Her family, during the time she was alive, didn't...
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