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  • coloring hair
    How to color hair at home without making a mess
    Considering the current price of salon coloring services, women are easily tempted to color their hair at home. However, if you end up ruining towels and clothing and staining your floor or bathtub in the process, you won't save any money in...
  • Painted eggs
    Art techniques meets Easter Eggs
    In many households around the world, families may be eating their decorated eggs from last week's Easter celebrations. For some, the holiday is Easter, others New Years and then there is spring equinox. Perhaps different reasons, however the...
  • A blonde
    Writer rebels against dumb blonde stereotypes
    "The New Rules for Blondes" (itbooks, $14.99), by Selena Coppock, takes on all the myths and challenges of being a blonde.According to Coppock, blondes are either classy or brassy. A few manage to be both at the same time. Famous role...
  • Grey Hair
    To Grey....... or Not To Grey?
    To age gracefully is a secret that many people know not! Why? Is it because society dictates the definition of beauty? Is being a blonde the translation of being beautiful? As a stylist, I have many clients tell me that they will go naturally grey...
  • Czech Easter Eggs
    Dyeing Easter eggs the natural way for an eco-friendly holiday
    Dyeing Easter eggs with natural ingredients can be a great lesson in natural plant dyes that have been used for thousands of years - history and the power of plants combined into one fun activity!Here are recipes and facts that will make this year...
  • Revlon Frost and Glow
    At-Home HIghlights
    Having blonde hair requires a lot of maintence especially when you're not a natural blonde. I've had blonde hair for a about 2 years now and it always comes down to a battle with the roots. About 2 months ago I decided to go back brown and...
  • Before & After
    Five affordable tricks that expand your wardrobe: Tip Three
    Remaking your clothes can be a great way to stretch your dollar and make due with clothes you already have that just aren't working for you in their current state.Tip Three: DyeThis may seem obvious, but other than just changing the color of...
  • Easter Egg
    Natural ways to dye Easter eggs
    There are many natural products you can use to dye your eggs for Easter. Some require boiling and some just have to soak in the same manner as the chemical dyes. When boiling, you want the water level to just cover the eggs so they are not...
  • Jimmy Dye was convicted of three counts of rape and one count of patient abuse
    Patient aide who raped mentally disabled patient to appear before parole board
    Columbus, Ohio - Jimmy Dye admitted to detectives that he crossed boundaries with one of his patients and had oral and anal sex with the patient, but later claimed he didn't understand what oral and anal sex was and denied any wrongdoing. Dye,...
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