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  • Greater Philadelphia: Five parks, extended summer play
    Greater Philadelphia: Five parks, extended summer play
    Summer Solstice equals dusk delight at these region parks. Open from dawn until dusk, these parks provide you the longest play time during June.Dawn ‘till duskJune 21st, the first day of summer, has a day length a bit longer than 15 hours,...
  • UPDATE: Dog found severely beaten in PA reunited with owner
    UPDATE: Severely beaten dog in PA reunited with owner
    Lady was reunited with her owner, Marie Waligorski, on Tuesday with the help of Jessica Finnell, a compassionate emergency dispatcher who took her in after she was attacked. (Watch the video of their reunion here).The dog, who is actually named...
  • Twilight
    Liminal places, liminal times
    Dawn and dusk. The moments between the swim from sleep and full awareness. Moving from mundane to sacred space. Gestation. Initiation. Orgasm. Death.All these have something in common. They are liminal states, when one is between one state of...
  • Rural Sunset
    Rural Sunset
    If you are from a large city, it may be hard to see a sunrise or a sunset because of all the lights and tall buildings. Rural sunsets are the best: no added lights, no electric lines to block the view, and a clear line of vision on the western sky...
  • Mountain Road
    When The Day Ends You're Photography Begins
    When it comes to photography lighting and timing is everything. Just time your shoot off by 1 minute and youwould'vemissed the perfect shot where the clouds cut the mountain in half with a beautiful surreal shadow. Throw off your timing 5...
  • St. Patrick's Day at Dusk
    Pictures of ‘Jersey Shore,’ St. Patrick’s Day, and Dusk, The Pool, and RiRa
    St. Patrick’s Day revelers were out in force last Thursday. Providence got their clubbers in the Irish spirit with green lighting, dancers in green shirts, and $4 beers. The club posted almost 100 pictures of the night on their Facebook.The...
  • Karissa and Kristina Shannon
    Early New Years Eve parties
    If you have to work New Years Eve, check out one of these industry night parties that celebrate early.Join Dusk’s resident DJ Sat-One for the club’s industry night New Years celebration. On Tuesday, December 28th, everyone who works in...
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