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  • Duel
    Made For T.V. Mayhem: Intrada checks in with score for Spielberg's 'Duel'
    The world of the made-for-T.V.-movie may begin and end with the Lifetime and Hallmark channels these days, but there was once a time where the format was a mainstay on network television, where such major players as CBS and ABC plied their small...
  • Rand Paul
    Rand Paul expresses interest in challenging his critics to a duel
    Following a speech on behalf of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli in which he apparently plagiarized Wikipedia's description of the movie Gattaca, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has been the subject of a great deal of light ridicule, both...
  • John McCain, Ted Cruz
    Daily Beast contributor fantasizes about John McCain killing Ted Cruz in duel
    On Sunday, Daily Beast contributor Dean Obeidallah issued a tweet expressing a desire to see Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., kill Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in an old-fashioned duel, Noel Sheppard reported at Newsbusters."Anyone else hoping Ted Cruz...
  • Senator Ted Cruz
    Comedian jokes about John McCain shooting Ted Cruz in a duel
    The death wishes for Ted Cruz coming from the left continue, according to an exasperated October 20, 2013 post in Newsbusters, quoting a tweet by Daily Beast contributor and comedian Dean Obeidallah.“Anyone else hoping Ted Cruz and John...
  • Duel
    This week's Frightful Friday movie pick is 'Duel'
    This week's Frightful Friday pick is a summer road film that has Dennis Weaver and Steven Spielberg's names written all over it and it's "Duel (1971)". The movie when it came first aired on ABC Movie of the Week but was then...
  • Road Rage title
    The Masters of Macabre Pen A Tale Of Rage!
    Two of my favorite writers are getting together forROAD RAGE— a new mini-series being published by IDW. Road Ragepartners best-selling authorsStephen KingandJoe Hill, to produce a comic-book adaptation of their co-written adventure tale...
  • "The Italian Job" (1969)
    Skip 'Cars 2', Catch a Classic Car Film Instead
    For me, one of the bigger disappointments of the year (so far) is “Cars 2” 1.5 / 5 stars. It looks great, and yes, I can be fooled by “looking at the shiny object(s)” on the big screen, but not in this case. The latest...
  • Ice Dragon
    Yu-Gi-Oh! What's Hot and What's Not for the new restrictions list
    With March 1st past us, everyone in the Yu-Gi-Oh community is thinking about how to remake their decks effectively. Goyo Guardian, Cold Wave, and Mass Driver all got hit with the Banhamma. This was quite a blow to the meta decks in the Rochester...
  • Broderick-Terry Duel
    1859 Broderick-Terry duel changed state, nation
    Lest one of most formative events in the history of the state of California pass unnoticed, Monday was the 151st anniversary of the Broderick-Terry duel just outside San Francisco.The duel, in which David Terry, the former chief justice of the...
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