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  • AirRenew Drywall captures toxic formaldehyde
    AirRenew Drywall captures toxic formaldehyde
    Indoor air quality is vital because humans spend about 90 percent of their time inside buildings. To provide more energy efficiency and protect against heating and cooling loss, builders are attempting to make building envelopes air-tight. A new...
  • Wallboard
    Putting outer garments on a wall is more than just window dressing
    After the framework of a structure goes up and the utilities are snugly in place, a building is born. However, we don't live in buildings without finished walls. Not only would it be unsightly to look at, but walls won't last when left...
  • Insulation complete, moving onto drywall
    Insulation complete, moving onto drywall
    When doing drywall expect a mess. After insulating and vapour barrier was complete Chris began the task he hated the most, drywall. Deb began by clearing an area large enough to hold 120 sheets of 1/2 inch drywall. The delivery from Rona would...
  • Tear down continues
    Surprise! The walls are moving
    The tear down continued after the family headed back to the city, the heat and humidity was relentless. To save money Chris and Debra asked family and friends to store their furnitureand any other items that may get damaged. The tools were stored...
  • Drywall taping
    American Craftsmen Part 4; drywall, the interior skin
    The life cycle of every job has its high and low points. And every phase of a construction project represents a certain level of progress along that cycle. One of the most visually significant is the drywall phase. As the wall cavities get closed...
  • resized_Gypsum_steelframing.jpg
    Is Chinese-made drywall killing America's children?
    10 infant deaths at Fort Bragg linked to imported gypsum board After five years of warnings from the architecture profession about the inferior quality of building materials imported from China and Southeast Asia, the U. S. Comsumer Product Safety...
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