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  • 4 Ways to prepare for your resume
    4 Ways to prepare for your resume
    #1 – Take time to understand that preparing any needed document for your career takes time. You may need a resume, cover letter, reference sheets, or a bio, or to answer any questions related to your job of interest for jobs on
  • Atlanta's Dream Café is changing the definition of café
    Atlanta's Dream Café is changing the definition of café
    Café, defined as a usually small and informal establishment serving various refreshments. At Dream Café they're serving up more than delicious treats, empowerment is on the menu too. “Dream Café is here to empower as many people as we...
  • Abacus
    An abacus in dreams connotes the need for self-analysis
    The image of an abacus in dreams points to questions relating to counting, computation, analysis, assessment and reckoning. An abacus is is a calculating tool, so this type of dream also points to issues related to the appraisal of one’s...
  • Clock
    Segmented sleep may lead to improved dream recall
    While one might think getting eight consecutive hours of sleep is the ideal regimen for having quality dreams and a sense of wakefulness during the daytime hours, some people argue that the latter assertion is wrong. At least one historian asserts...
  • Dream Kanji Symbol Afghan
    Crochet a tapestry dream kanji symbol afghan in the row count method
    Dreams are a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep called R.E.M or rapid eye movement. Dreams can at times make a creative thought occur to the person or give a sense...
  • I have a dream
    Here comes the dreamer
    A dream is an aspiration; goal; hope; ambition and desire. Do you have a dream? Is it a GOD given dream? Is it a dream/vision/aspiration that is beneficial to others; fruitful in the kingdom; encouraging to the world; a witness to others;...
  • Planning for success in the year ahead
    Planning for success in the year ahead
    With the New Year comes new challenges, in order to meet those wonderful new challenges and to achieve the life always dreamt about, it is imperative to find a way to turn thoughts into action and productivity into success. Planning ahead is the...
  • Canadian railroad story
    Canadian railroad story
    It was noon on a Sunday, July 4th, 1886, when the Canadian Pacific’s first-ever, scheduled, transcontinental passenger train reached the Pacific coast. The train, called the Pacific Express, had left Montreal five and a half days earlier.Now...
  • Things needed to fulfill your dreams
    Things you need to fulfill your dream
    God has placed in each one of us a dream. We can easily fulfill our dream when we focus on it and be mindful of certain things we need to do. According to the Bible, our dream can become a reality when we do have the following characteristics...
  • Dreaming
    Do you understand your dreams?
    Do you remember your dreams? Do you understand their meaning? Do you wish your dream could last longer. Are you able to remember and discuss your vivid dreams?Keeping a dream journal is a great tool to help you remember your dreams in more detail...
  • Rodan and Fields is coming to Canada
    Rodan and Fields is coming to Canada
    My goals in life are pretty simple. I want to be able to live near a beach, have 365 days of warm weather, hang out with my husband and our furry little family, and enjoy those little moments in life that make our lives worth living. Lately I...
  • dbp
    Need to know: Dream Beard
    If you’ve been paying attention, you are aware of the little beard care series going on in this here column. Back in the first article of this series, I noted how the market for products of this sort has really taken off in the past year, so...
  • Live your Dream
    Live your Dream
    Happiness isn’t finding all of the things in life that accumulate perfection.Perfection doesn’t exist.Everything around us is meant to be imperfect and that’s what makes life so wonderful.Each of us wants something different yet...
  • Stratford Festival presents new take on 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
    Stratford Festival presents new take on 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
    There are some plays that make it so easy to write critiques about— the really good and really bad ones. Each end of the spectrum contains a vast wealth of material, with no shortage of points to discuss. Happily, the Stratford Festival'...
  • Dreaming of Boots: Beyonce releases new song with Mystery Producer
    Dreaming of Boots: Beyonce releases new song with Mystery Producer
    Beyonce has laid down beyond gorgeous vocals on Boots‘ newly released song “Dreams.”Boots and Beyonce have done extensive collaboration in the past – in fact, he produced a significant portion of Beyonce‘s self-titled...
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