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  • Kelly Osbourne may quit 'Fashion Police' over Zendaya's dreads diss
    Kelly Osbourne may quit 'Fashion Police' over Zendaya's dreads diss
    As if the Guiliana Rancic-Zendaya shipwreck wasn't cringe-worthy enough: now Kelly Osbourne is threatening to leave "Fashion Police." The brouhaha started when Rancic dissed Zendaya dreadlocks at the Oscars, reported Time magazine...
  • Juno Brown sets new trend in detachable hair extensions
    Juno Brown sets new trend in detachable hair extensions
    Lenora Sunflower was walking on a street on the Upper West Side recently, when she was stopped by a woman who wanted to tell her “you just brought light and color into my day!” With her unique style and fashion sense, Sunflower is used...
  • Ashley Davis
    Finance Company forces woman to cut Dreadlocks or find a new Job
    Starting a new job is nerve-wracking enough; wondering if you'll perform well, if you will meet or exceed your company's expectations, or if you'll get along with your new co-workers. The last thing that anyone wants to think about,...
  • Crinkle dreadlocks
    How to crinkle dreadlocks
    People with dreadlocks can create a lot of fun styles with their hair. One of styles my daughter and I have been wearing is the crinkle hairdo.InstructionsFirst, wash your dreadsSecond, oil your hairThird, twist the roots while your hair is still...
  • Samson in "The Bible" series has dreadlocks
    Samson in 'The Bible' series has dreadlocks
    In the past, when you read the scriptures about Samson in Judges 16, did you have any idea what he looked like? You read that his strength was in his hair. Be honest though. Did you have any idea his hair was in dreadlocks as shown on "The...
  • Filmmaker Ave DuVernay should avoid dredlock thieves
    Filmmaker Ava DuVernay should avoid dreadlock theives
    The demand for hair has reached an all NEW level! According to reporter Ruth Mauel-Logan, there is an epidemic of dreadlock thefts in Johannasburg, South Africa. I hope Filmmaker Ava DuVernay and other celebrities who wear locks has heard about...
  • Sacred Sacrament
    Dreadlocks, Ganja & Rastafari
    Brethren grow your beards, dispel your fears! Rastafari stand firm, through this ganja and reason, come to our camp and learn.For many peoples of mainstream society, Dreadlocks and Ganja (Cannabis) have become the cornerstones of understanding and...
  • Natural Baby!
    The resurgence of natural hair
    Most black women, if not all, know fully well, what a relaxer is. Many have used them for most of their lives and believe that it is the bridge between looking more like our white counterparts. But in recent years, more women are turning away from...
  • Washing dreadlocks
    Washing your dreadlocks
    Growing dreadlocks was the best thing I could have done to my hair. I wore braids for many years and had often thought about growing dreads, but I did not gather up the courage until I was 30. Now all of the females in my household, meaning my...
  • My Hair Envy: Lauryn Hill
    My hair envy: Lauryn Hill
    Lauryn Noel Hill (born May 25, 1975)[1] is an American recording artist, musician, producer and actress. Early in her career, she established her reputation as a member of the Fugees. In 1998, she launched her solo career with the release of the...
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