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  • Queen Mother Nicole the Great
    Night of a Thousand Gowns 2015
    Every subculture has its roots. Visionary activist Jose Sarria,began the Court system in 1965, a dynamic drag dynasty that continuously evolves. The Imperial Court of New York,was born out of the LGBT Fundraising organization in 1986 as an answer...
  • Baby Jane?
    Movie Review: BABY JANE?
    In 2010, somebody had the genius idea of doing a remake of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? - made up almost entirely of a cast of drag queens. That somebody was director Billy Clift.If you think the idea sounds a bit like a three-minute Saturday...
  • “Rise ‘n Shine with Bette & Juliette” 2nd show tomororw
    Rise 'n Shine with Bett & Juliette returns tomororw for 2nd Show
    “Rise ‘n Shine with Bette & Juliette” is a brand-new-stage “morning” talk/variety show hosted by Bette Midler (Craig Taggart) and Juliette Lewis (Chris Pudlo). The second stage-episode will hit the stage tomorrow,...
  • Chico's Angels opens this weekend
    Chico's Angels 2: Love Boat Chicas opens this weekend
    Actor Duke Shoman joins the south of the border hotties, Chico's Angels, Kay Sedia (the pretty one); Chita Parol (the smart one) and Frieda Laye (the "friendly" one) as they take on a high seas case aboard The Love Boat to find out...
  • “Rise ‘n Shine with Bette & Juliette”
    On Stage: Rise 'n Shine with Bette & Juliette stars June 17
    “Rise ‘n Shine with Bette & Juliette” is a brand-new “morning” talk/variety show hosted by Bette Midler (Craig Taggart) and Juliette Lewis (Chris Pudlo).The show is performed live, in front of a studio audience, ...
  • fishing line, fishing rod, drag,
    How to set the drag on your rod
    When you put your line on your reel, you want to tighten it or loosen it. If it’s too loose, you will loose a lot of fish. When it’s too tight and you have to really pull to get the line off the spool you may break some line and loose...
  • Zac Efron and Seth Rogen dress in drag
    Zac Efron looks really pretty in drag: What's his beauty secret?
    Zac Efron really needs to get a call from RuPaul. If this whole acting thing doesn't work out for him, he could probably find work as a drag queen.According a May 7 report by Us Weekly, Efron dressed up like a teen girl to appear in a skit on ...
  • Jaye Lish
    Drag performer Jaye Lish balances love, life and the stage
    Balancing a performing career and a relationship can be difficult. All too often we see in the headlines that another pop singer or movie star is filing for divorce or breaking up with his/her partner. There are ways to balance both but it does...
  • The Creature from the Black, Black Lagoon at Off the Wall Theatre
    A Christmas Fish Story from Off the Wall
    Over the years, Dale Gutzman at Off the Wall Theatre has offered us many thoughtful original plays that sensitively explore and expose our society and humanity with great subtlety and depth. This show is not one of them—nor is it intended to...
  • Kay Sedia's Holiday show runs Dec 17-19
    Kay Sedia's Holiday show Feliz Navi Diva, Dec 17-19
    Kay Sedia, Americas top selling Tupperware diva and star of the hit stage show Chico's Angels is going solo in her one woman Holiday show starring 3 people called, “Feliz Navi Diva".Here is the dates for the guest stars who will...
  • Grimshaw-Styles-2013
    Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw go out in drag, fueling gay romance speculation
    Even though One Direction's Harry Styles and BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw have publicly denied that they are having a gay romance, they gave more fuel to the rumor mill on Nov. 30, 2013, when they went out together, dressed as women in similar...
  • E.Kanoo's drag FRS
    EKanoo racing builds the world’s most powerful Scion FR-S
    EKanoo Racing announced over their official facebookand youtubeyesterday (Nov. 17, 2013) page that they’ve dynoed their Scion FR-S to the tune of 1147 WHP and 852 lbs-ft of torque.Based out of Bahrain, the drag race team known for building...
  • Chico's Angels Return for 8 more shows!
    Chico's Angels Return for 8 more shows Nov 21-Nov 26
    Chico’s Angels are back for eight encore performances of their musical/comedy show, “Pretty Chicas All in a Row” opening on Thursday, Nov 21, 2013.In “Pretty Chicas All in a Row” the Angels are hired to unravel the...
  • Divine Sister at Off The Wall Theatre
    Silly Sisters: Off the Wall’s comedy is amusing at best
    Mark Hagen does camp so seemingly effortlessly, you’d think he’d been born in mascara and fake eyelashes. Hagen, also known (in certain parts of town, at least) as “Dear Ruthie” is the best thing about Off The Wall Theater...
  • Movie Musical: The Musical on Friday, September 13 & Saturday September 14 @ 9pm. Tickets at
    Aunt Cassie Rolle talks Movie Musical: The Musical
    Everyone’s favorite Aunt Cassie Rolle returns to the Cavern Club Theater with encore 2 performances of the Movie Musical: The Musical on Friday, September 13 & Saturday September 14 @ 9pm. Tickets at
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