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  • Marathon bombing terrorists could cost the city of Boston nearly $1 billion
    Marathon bombing terrorists could cost the city of Boston nearly $1 billion
    On April 19, local police and federal authorities issued a soft form of martial law on the town of Waterton, and the city of Boston, in the pursuit of a single bombing suspect believed to have taken part in the Boston Marathon massacre. The result...
  • Christopher Dorner
    Body in burned cabin: Christopher Dorner caught, manhunt ends in fire
    With “body in burned cabin” now trending on several search engines, the CS Monitor reported this Wednesday, Feb. 13, that the Christopher Dorner manhunt has likely come to an end this week after the burnt body of a man was found in a...
  • Dorner Standoff
    Cabin's owner, another casualty in the senseless Dorner affair
    After 10 long days the dramatic manhunt hunt for Christopher Dorner came to an end yesterday in the San Bernardino Mountains when a vacation cabin Dorner was holed-up in burned to the ground. Hundreds of rounds were fired during the gun battle...
  • Protect and Serve
    Do you have a right to police protection?
    In the gun control debate, the gun control advocates continuously argue that the police agencies of the federal government, local and state police should be armed with the very weapons that they argue should be banned for civilian use. The gun...
  • Electronic Wanted poster of Christopher Dorner
    The Dorner Manifesto: An exercise in depravity
    Just when I think that I’m inclined to think that as a society that we’ve reached the level of being immune to shock value, I find that the bar is progressively lowered further with each passing day. The reality of each passing news...
  • Dorner Manhunt
    LAPD offers $1M reward for information leading to arrest of Christopher Dorner
    Today, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck announced today a $1,000,000 award for information leading to the arrest of Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer alleged to have killed three and injured two to date.The manhunt for 33 year old former LAPD Chris...
  • Pictures of Charles Dorner Provided by LAPD
    LA murder suspect posts rambling manifesto on Facebook
    A statewide manhunt is on for a former Los Angeles police officer and Navy Reserve lieutenant suspected of killing at least three people including a police officer today in Southern California.All area law enforcement agencies and military bases...
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