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  • Bethesda E3 2015 promo
    E3 2015: Bethesda's press conference wrap up
    While the show may not start until Tuesday, E3 unofficially started tonight with Bethesda’s first ever press conference. The company teased DOOM 4, now just DOOM, with a quick twelve-second teaser a few weeks ago. Last week they officially...
  • Bethesda teases new 'DOOM' for E3 2015
    Bethesda teases new 'DOOM' for E3 2015
    Video game publisher Bethesda has released a video teasing the first public appearance of "DOOM," a new entry in the first-person shooter series, for E3 2015. The video was uploaded Monday on Bethesda Softworks UK's YouTube page.The...
  • Secret Wars #2
    "Secret Wars #2" proves the power of lowered expectations
    One benefit of establishing a low bar is that it barely takes a positive step to surpass it. It is similar to the supposed "advantage" of hitting rock bottom; anything else is up or at the very least no lower. Such is the best way to...
  • Bethesda
    id Software's John Romero says mod makers should be compensated for their work
    Gamers are undeniably some of the most creative, passionate group of fans among any industry today. This passion hasn't come through more clearly than when people begin creating mods to help personalize, customization and enhance an already...
  • Electric Wizard- Time To Die
    Electric Wizard - "Time To Die" ( 2014 Spinefarm Records )
    Electric Wizard are back after a four year absence since their last offering “Black Masses”, which was labeled a return to the fuzz dusted classic sound that fans could not get enough of on what is often considered the measuring stick...
  • "DOOM" Announced!
    "DOOM" Announced!
    The future of Doom has finally been announced at E3! A teaser trailer featuring what seems like the infamous Cyberdemon and a final reveal of the game coming in next Quakecon.I will have more information when the time comes.
  • HULL Legend of the Swampgoat
    CD Song Review: HULL The Legend Of Swampgoat (Iron Orchestra Works)
    This track "The Legend Of Swampgoat" by the band HULL is one that has been needed to emerge on the music scene / platform. HULL delivers the song in its true form, sludgy, melodic and extremely catchy. It's beginning pulls you into...
  • The Oracle blend doom and black metal styles
    The Oracle blend doom and black metal styles
    The Oracle from Maryland brings the collective musical influence and experience of four well-established performers to create something unique that they hope will challenge the elitist attitudes of all the metal subgenres they meld together. It&...
  • Jucifer at Siberia March 7
    Jucifer at Siberia March 7
    Jucifer will be performing live at Siberia on Friday, March 7. Siberia is located at 2227 Saint Claude Avenue.This cutting-edge band began in Athens, Georgia in 1993 and has led the way in the two-piece heavy metal style of sludge/doom (although...
  • Man's Nature The Final Foible
    Telecommunications Today Leave Us With No Excuses
    The availability factorIf you don't own a phone, there's no excuse. Even if you don't have internet access, there's no excuse. Even if you don't own a smart phone or computer, there is no excuse.The prevalence of online...
  • John Carmack Portrait
    John Carmack Officially Leaves Id Software.
    Id's Software's co-founder, John Carmack has officially resigned from the company. After Carmack joined Oculus VR as its CTO he has divided his time between both companies. He stated that "it just didn't work out." "I...
  • 'Doom' creator John Carmack leaves id Software
    'Doom' creator John Carmack leaves id Software
    Industry legend John Carmack announced Friday he has left id Software, IGN reported.“John Carmack, who has become interested in focusing on things other than game development at id, has resigned from the studio," studio director Tim...
  • What do you think the job postings are for?
    'Doom 4' revamping could be the reason for Bethesda’s id Software job offerings
    According to a report from VG 24/7 today, Bethesda has announced that the video game publisher is looking for a variety of new staff for its subsidiary id Software.The jobs were posted on the Bethesda website, and they’re looking for an...
  • Doom review
    Doom (DOS) review
    Doom is a science fiction first person shooter released on multiple platforms, developed and published by id software with the first release being December 10th, 1993. This game was known to have played a huge impact on the gaming industry, both...
  • Super Mario Bros.
    Hollywood and video games
    For decades Hollywood has looked at every possible source to create cinema from. Books, television, the news, and even previous films. The most difficult of source inspirations that has been attempted to be tapped into has been video games. This...
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