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  • Print by Thomas Rowlandson done in 1787
    Historical Dentists Called Dr. Doolittle
    Recently I did a supplemental application to the Daughters of the American Revolution for my ancestor Amzi Doolittle. He was a Lieutenant in the American Revolution and married a woman named Jerusha Smith and had nine children with her.Jerusha...
  • The Pixies at Massey Hall, Toronto
    The Pixies do so much with Doolittle at Massey Hall
    Black Francis, Joey Santiago, Kim Deal and David Lovering, better known as The Pixies, played their second of two evenings at Massey Hall on Tuesday night. In what has become a popular trend amongst many great bands of late, The Pixies chose a...
  • Lily Taylor adds the sexy at UnderCover Presents Doolittle.
    New bands to check out and a love for 'Doolittle': a win for UnderCover Presents
    I have never been a huge Pixies fan, but I totally enjoyed last Tuesday evening at SF Pubic Works when UnderCover Presents featured fifteen of the Bay Area’s finest bands in a celebration of the classic album Doolittle. Each band performed a...
  • Conspiracy of Venus records for the Doolittle UnderCover Project
    For the love of the album: Conspiracy of Venus celebrates 'Doolittle'
    The album, the record, the CD: whatever you call it, it’s a thing that is on the cusp of oblivion with the advent of the mp3. There are very few new “albums” we as a public get super excited about these days. But we still love...
  • Pixies free download
    Pixies' new website archives past concerts, free 4-song download
    History has proven the Pixies were well ahead of their time in 1989 when they first released their influential album Doolittle. Houstonians are still more likely to hear a Pixies song at IKEA than they are on any Houston radio station, but their...
  • The Pixies: Doolittle Tour
    Dallas,Texas loves The Pixies
    The Pixies played to a full, (but not sold out) Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas on Sunday, September 19th.The F*ck Buttons, a techno two-piece (from what I could tell) opened with a lighting display across the theater and an almost black...
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