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  • Evevo releases infographic following internet milestones
    Evevo releases infographic following internet milestones
    The internet has had more than a handful of big moments during its existence. Now, Evevo has released an infographic that chronicles the internet milestones, from its inception to its current form.The first known test of the internet's new e...
  • Matt Cutts and choosing domain names for SEO
    Matt Cutts and choosing domain names for SEO
    I'm not suggesting that you choose a domain name for SEO purposes, but when it comes to ranking in the search engines, it's wise that you don't choose a domain name that is typically reserved for another country or sovereign state.What...
  • Wii U Logo
    Nintendo denied chance to acquire ‘’
    Recently, Nintendo of America, Inc., sought to obtain the domain name ‘,’ submitting a formal complaint with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization.) It seems the domain name in question, while some might consider the...
  • IPV6 branching out
    Internet running out of room, not now, IPV6 to the rescue!
    The web is going live on IPV6 on the internet today. There will soon be trillions upon trillions of internet addresses available. With the emergence of 20 billion connected internet devices (iphone-ipad-android-tivo etc), we have just about run...
  • Sewing Business
    What to name your sewing business?
    What's in a name? If it's going to be your business, and you want customers to remember you, then the name is very important!The business name should reflect the brand of what is being sold in a memorable way. The business name...
  • Austin Wine and Music Fest
    Preview: 2011 Austin Wine & Music Festival
    The 2011 Austin Wine & Music Festival will be pairing wine with music on Memorial Day weekend at the backyard of The Domain. This year is going to be exciting with “the return of craft brew and the relocation of the beer tent so all...
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