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  • Oak Lawn man charged with stealing dividend payments
    Oak Lawn man charged with stealing dividend payments
    Joseph Tagler, 29, of the 5100 block of West 105th Street in Oak Lawn, who worked as a back office manager and member of the board of directors for Eagle Market Makers, a Chicago trading firm, was charged today for stealing or diverting payments...
  • High yield stocks
    Are high yield dividend stocks worth it?
    Dividend paying stocks are no safer, do not protect an investor better in a bearish market, and do not outperform non-dividend paying stocks. As a rule of thumb, most securities that pay over a 10% dividend are considered very risky. So, are high...
  • Mitt Romney
    The role of capital gains tax in undermining growth of the US economy
    Quite aside from the absurdity of the argument in favor of a low capital gains tax rate, and findings of the studies by the non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, such taxes also have a negative effect on investment in job creation....
  • Palm Pointe team wins regional SMC and learn to earn stock dividends in the future
    Palm Pointe team wins regional SMC and learn to earn future stock dividends
    Palm Pointe Educational Research School in Tradition recentlywonfirst place for the regional division of the Florida Stock Market Challenge (SMC). The winners (Hillary Cruz’sseventh grade civics class) will receivea $100 check for the school...
  • stocks shopping
    How to find good stocks in this volatile market
    Despite better-than-expected industrial production data and Fitch reaffirming its AAA U.S.sovereign credit rating, the major averages sold off Tuesday and Wednesday on concerns regarding Europe.Germany, the strongest European country, reported a...
  • Pipeline Delivering Oil
    Tesoro Logistics LP Begins Trading for Income Investors
    Tesoro Logistics LP (NYSE: TLLP) offers Albuquerque, New Mexico income investors a new stock to perform due diligence on. TLLP is a Tesoro (NYSE: TSO) formed limited partnership. TLLP's core business model is based upon gathering, storing, and...
  • GM HQ
    GM quarterly dividend reinstated
    On Wednesday, General Motors (GM) is reinstating a quarterly dividend on its Series B Preferred stock. According to GM's website:...the Board of Directors declared a quarterly dividend of approximately $0.647 per share on its Series B...
  • Money
    What's the sign of a good decision when it comes to life insurance?
    I mentioned that I would be writing about mutual companies and why anyone should care in my last article.So here's a few things to consider when answering the question - what's the sign of a good decision?It’s knowing how a company...
  • The case for dividends
    The case for dividends; buying dividend paying stocks for your future retirement
    With the Dow Jones 30 stocks (DJIA) trading at a ten year low of 13 times earnings per share (P/E Ratio), paying good dividend yields and having cash on their balance sheets to continue paying those dividends, an investor retiring in the next 10...
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