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  • Participating Life Insurance
    Participating in your insurance can pay
    Having life insurance coverage is a very important decision for you and your beneficiaries. But there are many life insurance products to choose from. Which is right for you? Which is the best fit for your personal situation, budget and longer...
  • Will AAPL Be the Next to Declare a Dividend?
    Will AAPL Be the Next to Declare a Dividend?
    Today it is important to focus on companies that could be next in line for a special dividend. On this list is ORCL, who just announced after the bell that theirs could be a special dividend. The companies to look for are super stable, high market...
  • Vulcan Materials Company
    Dividend approved for rising construction and raw materials stock
    The Board of Directors forVulcan Materials Company (NYSE:VMC) approveda quarterly dividend of one cent per share forthe company'scommon stock on Friday. The dividend is payable Sept. 10 to shareholders of record Aug. 27.Based in Birmingham,...
  • Lennar home construction entrance sign
    Home values and stocks continue to climb
    The housing market continues to show positive signs with home values increasing significantly in April, climbing 0.7 percent from March. This is the largest monthly increase in home values since January 2006, when they rose 0.8 percent.The Miami...
  • Apple Inc.
    Apple announces its first ever cash dividend
    Apple Inc., the immensely popular and successful business responsible for the iMac, iPhone, iPad, and other electronic devices, has announced it will share some of its cash with investors in the form of a cash dividend.Apple’s CEO Tim Cook...
  • Money
    Apple to unlock cash vault, pay first dividend and initiate stock buyback
    Apple stock is up slightly less that 1.25 percent in early morning (PDT) trading on Monday, as the company has announced that for the first time, it will pay a dividend on its shares, putting some of the reported $97.1 billion in cash it has...
  • Apple pays first dividend since 1995
    Apple pays first dividend since 1995
    Apple to spend on a buyback and dividend programSan Francisco's top news is about Apple and Tim Cook. Apple has its headquarter in Silicon Valley, around an hour's drive from San Francisco."Good news about Apple," says San...
  •   The new Apple iPad
    Dividend announced by Apple
    With a low return on your money for savings and rising prices of gasoline investors are searching for where to find a high yield on their money. A lot of people in Syracuse who have been admiring Apple products in town at Best Buy, Walmart and the...
  • Lennar sign in front of company home for sale
    Something to build on in housing stocks
    In February 2009, my article started off with, “So maybe you can't make any money in residential real estate today. Why not buy stock in what goes in the house, furniture.”I reviewed two company stocks in that story, Kirkland, Inc....
  • Gold as an Insurance Policy
    Gold equals monthly income for investors
    Gabelli Global Gold, Natural Resources & Income Trust (Amex Symbol: GGN) is an intriguing closed-end-fund (CEF), which offers an 8.8% annual distribution yield. This is based upon an April 25th GGN closing price of $19.09 per share. The...
  • bagwithlaught(15).gif
    Would you like a little Income with your Growth, Take a look at these
    Welcome to the Equity Examiner Page, and thanks for the visit.I have just completed yet another new web page for you to take a look at when you have time. The DividendPage differs from the format found on the rest of the site which is...
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