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  • PLEDGE to Respond with Patience and Thought
    How to respond to your child and get them to listen and cooperate
    Preschoolers, especially between the ages of three to four, love to ask a zillion questions, challenge why they should or shouldn't do something and test boundaries.All of these completely normal developmental stages can be daunting for even...
  • Texting woman freight train
    Texting woman freight train wallop: Texting Fla. woman trots into oncoming train
    Distracted texting has hit a new low. A texting Florida woman was smacked by a freight train whenher head was buried in her cell phone, typing away. Police said the woman wandered onto the tracks as the freight train was approaching. She was...
  • Swim in God
    Don’t allow distractions to displace you from flowing in God
    A Daily Word from the Word for Monday, March 24, 2014“Now it happened as they went that He [Jesus] entered a certain village; and a certain woman named Martha welcomed Him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, who also sat at...
  • Texting in Traffic
    Stay in touch with God
    Since, as I stated in my last article, we have been created in God’s spiritual image and made to live divine lives in unity with the Father, how can we go on sinning? As John wrote in his first epistle, “Everyone who has been born of...
  • Opportunity
    Go the Distance
    "When a defining moment comes along, you can do one of two things. Define the moment, or let the moment define you."When you're frozen in a moment ofdespair, such as a break up, I want you to listen carefully to every feeling that...
  • Fall housekeeping and ADHD and for those who hate cleaning
    Fall housekeeping and ADHD and for those who hate cleaning
    Keeping your home organized when it was summer was a chore when the weather was nice and warm outside, but the changeable fall weather gives you time to be inside at shorter intervals. Which means cleaning can also be done in quick short bursts...
  • Romney Michigan
    New Obama ad falsely calls Romney a 'birther'
    On Friday, the Obama campaign released an ad calling Mitt Romney a "birther" based on the joke he told earlier in the day while speaking at a rally in Commerce, Michigan."Holding out hope Romney had a vision for the middle class?...
  • Distracted Driver Threats!
    Distracted Driver Profit!
    While driving around Washington, D.C. and Maryland from July 01, 2011 to August 20, 2011, I was deeply troubled by the number of billboards and signs displaying warning messages aboutdistracted driving. This social issue has risen in theranks of...
  • bike
    Getting distracted from God’s call
    The book of Haggai starts out about 16 years after the people of Israel came back from exile to rebuild the Temple. Right after arriving in the Promised Land they hit a little snag in building the temple as we see in Ezra 4:1-5. Sixteen years...
  • What's Playing?
    What's Playing? NJ Theatre Alliance Current Professional Plays
    Centenary Stage Company, Hackettstown Bad Dates By Theresa Rebeck Final performances this weekend! Transplanted Texan Haley Walker tries to balance the pressures of her career as a New York City restaurateur, a teenage daughter, and a too-close...
  • A Distracted Child Recieving A Shot
    Children and needle anxiety, the key solution
    Around Orlando, you will find many hospitals, doctors’ offices and clinics with children needing medical care. Unfortunately, part of that care may involve inserting a needle into your child. This happens for good purpose, to keep children...
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