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  • Confused eyes
    State of confusion
    Confusion as defined by Google means, “Lack of understanding; uncertainty.” When we are in a state of confusion our momentum comes to a halt and life feels overwhelming. This misalignment is reflective of emotional turmoil that is...
  • Distortion
    Betrayal Brings Family to the Brink in Blackstock's New Novel
    In the second installment of her Moonlighters series, Distortion (Zondervan/March 11, 2014/ISBN: 978-0310283140/$14.99), author Terri Blackstock explores the deadly consequences a husband’s lies can bring upon on his family. When Juliet Cole...
  • Soothe the monster in you
    Soothe the monster in you
    What do you think of you as a person? Do you like you or is there areas you despise and you label as bad parts? You might say, “I’m a good person but I hate my obsession with food because I eat too much.” Or, perhaps you are...
  • School
    More misleading ‘classroom resources’ on Zimmerman trial
    In March of this year, it was reported in this space that 80% of graduates from New York City high schools need remediation in the “3 R’s” before they can even apply for admission to the city’s community colleges. Similarly...
  • Ronald Reagan
    WI schools teaches conservatism, Reagonomics to blame for cynicism in nation
    At least they aren’t blaming George W. Bush (although his father, as vice president under Ronald Reagan, gets a dishonorable mention).Weasel Zippersnotes that students studying American history in Prescott, Wis., are the latest to be...
  • Album Cover
    Tearjerker: 'Hiding' (2012)
    "Hiding" by Tearjerker is a Lofi Indie-Pop EP.The mixture of crunchy guitars bouncing around each-other and distant brush percussion makes them sound instrumentally kind of like Pavement. The little noise experiments slipped into songs...
  • Album Cover
    Kasan: 'Drown' (2012)
    "Drown" by Kasan is a Post Rock instrumental album.While the album is classified Post Rock, but it could also easily follow into the category of Post Metal. The strong guitar riff backbones of many of the songs open up this possibility,...
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