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  • Leafware
    These awesome plates are made from leaves
    It’s almost the Fourth of July! Picnics,barbecues, and gatherings with family and friends are on everyone’s agenda this week. Potato salad, hot dogs, hamburgers, fruit and other summery dishes will be on the menu for these holiday...
  • Tooth-Happy
    Tooth-Happy Disposable handpiece (drill) - Emails from Grace Chou in China
    Grace Chou sent me the first email about Tooth-Happy Disposable Handpiece (a plastic dental drill) on March 18, 2014 from China. Since I am a dental hygienist and don't buy things to drill into patient's teeth, I ignored the first email...
  • Pope heading to Brazil
    Pope warns against 'consumer cultures that demand everything new or useful'
    Pope Francis, the current leader for the Catholic church, will be in Brazil for this week to attend the international youth festival, and told journalists during his flight from Rome his concern for youth and the elderly.During his flight from...
  • Potty Covers
    Review for Potty Covers
    Recently, I was given the opportunity to use and review a product called Potty Covers. This product is a disposable toilet seat cover that can be used by children or adults. This product completely intrigued me because I do have little ones and...
  • Disposable vs. reusable razors: Which is the better value?
    Disposable vs. reusable razors: Which is the better value?
    Quality is a big factor in buying a razor, and how do you know which is better? Do you get the disposable razors (such as the Schick Quatro 4 pack, which retails for $6.54 at the walmart here in Myrtle Beach), or do you spend a little bit more...
  • Baby in Cloth Diaper
    Evolution of Diapering
    Picture a mother bent over her cooing and kicking naked baby as she gently slides a white cotton diaper under the bottom and pins it into place. Now if I told you this same mother was also scrolling through her email on her iPhone at the same time...
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