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'Bering Sea Gold': Cast member commits suicide

March 16, 2013
John Bunce, a cast member of Discovery's “Bering Sea Gold,” committed suicide. According to a March 15 report by Inside TV, the next episode, “Gold Stress,” will let all fans of “Bering Sea...

RAW Discovery event scheduled for February 21

January 4, 2013
RAW Des Moines, an independent arts organization that focuses on local natural born talents, will hold a huge event on Thursday, February 21. The event, Discovery, will be held at the Temple for Performing Arts (1011 Locust Street) in...

Zombie reality show to air on the Discovery channel

December 1, 2012
With the public so fascinated by zombies, the Discovery channel is putting a twist on it with a zombie reality show, according to a report published by Entertainment Weekly on Nov. 30.The show, "Zombie Apocalypse," will explore...

NASA downplays 'earthshaking' Mars Curiosity discovery

November 29, 2012
According to Sci-Tech Today, NASA has begun to lower expectations for an impending announcement of a discovery made by the Mars Curiosity that was previously described as “earthshaking” and “one for the history books.” Now...

Inquiry: A 21st century leadership communication skill

November 2, 2012
POINT OF VIEW21st century leadership requires 'different in kind' knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) than 20th century leadership. Let’s focus on inquiry – a ‘different in kind’ of leadership communication KSA – because inquiry...