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Discovery renames the 'Military Channel'

January 9, 2014
According to an article published by Fox News on Jan. 9, the name of Discovery's “Military Channel” is changing for the second time since its launch.Fox News reports that officials at Discovery have decided to...

True cross found?

November 24, 2013
In Sinop, Turkey, during August 2013, archeologist discovered a small box while excavating a 7th century church.The box contained an unusual object, a piece of wood. Some believe this wood may be from the cross on which Jesus...

New memoirs and biographies

November 11, 2013
Six new titles have arrived to enrich the memoirs and biographies selection available to readers for the long winter nights."The Fat Lady Sang" (It Books, $17.99) is Robert Evans's memoir of his dramatic career...

A summer to remember

August 23, 2013
Summers are always a time when families spend time together; getting to know one another or discovering the world together. Some families have memories of decades spent waiting for the summer to come so they can come back together at...

'Shark Week' documentary a great white lie?

August 6, 2013
"Shark Week" 2013 is being criticized for being a "great white" lie. The Discovery Channel, with its "Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives," much like Animal Planet did with "Mermaids: The Body Found,"...