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  • Brandi Glanville
    ‘RHOBH’ star Brandi Glanville tries a day with disconnect from the world
    “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville has been trying to explain her side of things this season, especially since she has been speaking negatively about her co-stars long before the season began. However, it...
  • Obama on shutdown
    Obama tells reporter ‘I’ve bent over backwards to work with GOP’
    Not only that, but he’s also maintained a civil tone in his rhetoric. In fact the president has been a regular Boy Scout, according to what he told an interviewer with CNBC on Wednesday. Here are his exact words:During the course of my...
  • Disconnect
    Blu-ray Review: 'Disconnect'
    Henry Alex Rubin’s “Disconnect” is a combination of connecting stories dealing with human interaction in today’s technological world. The title brings to mind the possibility of disconnecting from the phones, laptops,...
  • personal Internet security
    Two sides of personal Internet security, Hollywood style
    Having just come out of watching Richard Linklater's Before Midnight, and being amazed that a film maker and a pair of actors would commit to following the same storyline of a couple of characters across two decades, it got us to thinking...
  • Disconnect-stars-2013
    Jason Bateman, Paula Patton, Alexander Skarsgård bond over 'Disconnect'
    The dramatic film “Disconnect” is a multilayered but intertwined story about how several people are affected by the actions by others on the Internet. Workaholic attorney Rich Boyd (played by Jason Bateman) is so caught up in his job...
  • 'Disconnect' offers a profound and moving current day expose' on family life. Jason Bateman shines
    'Disconnect' keenly observes the huge downside of the web on family life
    “Disconnect” is a look at four barely intersecting families that provides Justin Bateman with the perfect role to extinguish a stalled, funny man persona.His pitch perfect portrayal of Rich Boyd, the intense, neglectful father at a...
  • Disconnect poster 1
    Review: 'Disconnect' is a 'Crash' ripoff not worth logging in to
    There's no doubt that the Internet and social networking have impacted our lives in both positive and negative ways. We're now a more informed society than we ever have been, with access to information ready at the simple click of a button...
  • Disconnect movie review
    "Disconnect" movie review
    The Internet has been lauded for its ability to allow people of diverse backgrounds to explore their interests with people of different lifestyles through social networking sites. But when people who have extremely different beliefs and...
  • Is our digital connection causing a disconnect with family, friends and love?
    Is our digital connection causing a disconnect with family, friends and love?
    America is all abuzz. Kids pack the back of their hatchbacks and trekit across the country to go to college. Young adults move to the bigcity to get started with their new job. So many move again formarriage, family, the business merger. In the...
  • Max Theriot
    Max Theriot talks 'House at the End of the Street'
    Max Theriot is starting to flex his muscles. With a starring role in the upcoming "Bates Motel" as well as "House at the End of the Street", the young star is ready to carry any role including that of vineyard owner. He sat...
  • "Disconnect"
    'Disconnect' premieres at Toronto Film Festival
    Tuesday September 11, “Disconnect” had its premiere at the Princess of Wales Theatre at the Toronto International Film Festival. “Disconnect” is directed by Henry Alex Rubin, and starsAlexander Skarsgård,Jason BatemanandMax...
  • Alexander Skarsgard
    First set photos of Alexander Skarsgard from 'Disconnect'
    Movie fans in Scottsdale are waiting to see True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard on the big screen once again. He is currently appearing in Straw Dogs, which was released earlier this month, but he is already working on his next film. On Tuesday,...
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