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  • Does a true friendship really dies?
    When a long-term friendship dies
    When a long-term friendship dies, sometimes you feel as though you might as well have been stabbed in the heart. You entertain the thought that physical death might also be your next option because the end of any relationship often brings about a...
  • Halloween II
    Rob Zombie returns for Halloween II
    After the success of Rob Zombie’s version of Halloween it came as no surprise that the studio wanted another and thankfully Zombie returned to continue his version of the series. Much like the original two films, his sequel picks up exactly...
  • Halloween
    Rob Zombie takes on Halloween
    After the disappointing entry into the Halloween franchise Halloween: Resurrection it seemed as though series had finally come to an end. To no surprise and unpleasant reaction from fans, they instead moved forward with a remake of the original...
    A mathematician's dream
    Geometry is the one thing in the universe that everything has in common because everything in the universe is physical and has form. But this only applies to matter, and not to any of the space that matter occupies. If geometry is the qualitative...
  • Piranha 3DD
    Now the waterparks aren't safe either in Piranha 3DD
    Horror remakes have been all the rage whether we like them or not for the last few years. The remake of Piranha directed by Alexandre Aja hit much to most surprise it was actually a pretty fun film and did pretty well. That being said it came as...
  • Cartesian coordinates xyz on blackboard
    Uncovering the secrets of nature
    Most people believe three-dimensional space is not physical and therefore cannot have physical boundaries. If space is formless and unbounded, we can reasonably assume that space is infinite.Officially, the analysis of space cannot proceed without...
  • time space question
    The nature of energy, gravity, and dimension are still open questions
    The world’s leading authority on the space-time continuum is a prestigious title no one has yet achieved. Einstein gave us special relativity, and general relativity, but he never finished his third theory of the space-time continuum. He...
  • The next Dimension
    Dimensions of thought and no thought
    ”Which way did he go, which way did he go? He went that a way. No that a way.”The cartoon character echoes for many the search for spiritual wisdom. You find something and then find something else. The truth is “everything works....
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