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  •  Romaine lettuce is but one leafy green vegetable
    American Diabetes Association lists 10 superfoods to help manage a diabetic diet
    The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has released a list of 10 superfoods, which, when consumed in proper proportions, can supplement a diabetes meal plan.According to the article, “Diabetes Superfoods,” which was published on the...
  • Kundalini Shakti
    How to exercise your higher self and overcome your carnal thoughts
    Exercising your higher self, and overcoming your carnal thoughts, is a wrestling match that takes place inside your mind, and the weapon of choice is willpower.Temptations will come in many different shapes and sizes, and chances are, like...
  • Acai berries
    Arginine and proline supplementation may be an effective wound healing treatment
    The amino acids may the answer for diabetics with chronic wounds to heal effectivelyNon-healing wounds of the diabetic foot are considered one of the most significant complications of diabetes.Almost 24 million Americans are diabetic and among...
  • Diabetes should avoid foods that produce a crust
    Diabetes should avoid foods that produce a crust
    For people who have diabetes and are at risk for cardiovascular (heart problems) there is a new research suggesting that crusty bread, or any food that gives you a crust like you would have with grilled foods is bad for your condition."We see...
  • The diabetic diet
    The diabetic diet
    Did you know that an estimated 20 million Americans have diabetes? And that 54 million have pre-diabetes (progressing into full diabetes)?Type 1 diabetes is a condition in which the pancreas stops making insulin.Type 2 diabetes (the most common)...
  • Diabetes
    Controlling diabetes with diet
    According to the Utah Department of Healthone in seven adult inUtah have diabetes.This means that either you or some you love most likely has diabetes.Along with taking all medications as directed by a doctor and monitoring blood glucose levels, a...
  • Halle Berry
    How Halle Berry succeeds with her diabetic diet
    Having diabetes can be a challenge - and some celebrities, such as Paula Deen, want to ignore it rather than face up to that challenge. And then there's Halle Berry, who takes pride in managing her diabetes with a carefully calculated diet....
  • Health Way to Make Tacos
    Makeover Your Recipes and Let Your Imagination Run Wild!!
    While looking for a recipe to prepare a favorite food, I often find myself poring over various cookbooks and the Internet looking for what I perceive to be that perfect combination. Even though I have found recipes that I and my family have...
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