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  • Apple Watch
    Wearables TechCon 2015 to equip Apple Watch developers
    Tech media has been awash with Apple Watch release date, features, and news this week. For those wanting hands-on practical workshops on the Apple Watch, look no further than the upcoming Wearables TechCon 2015, the largest technical conference...
  • Pregnant woman stretching
    Exercise may help develop a baby's brain
    Living a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, but doubly so pregnant women. Research has long shown that a pregnant woman’s diet has an effect on the baby, both good and bad. This is why pregnant women are instructed to avoid alcohol...
  • Reasons students aren't ready for kindergarten
    Reasons students aren't ready for kindergarten
    Children are entering school ill prepared for kindergarten. This is the problem: kindergarten is not mandatory in the state of Arizona. Kindergarten has rigorous mandatory standards that must be followed. The 1st grade standards are built upon the...
  • Babies Brushing Teeth
    Helping babies develop healthy teeth
    It is very important to take care of a baby's teeth. This routine is very important it instill in a child at a very early age in order to help him/her to grow up with good oral hygiene habits. There are things parents need to do and things...
  • PlayStation 4 Online Menu
    Digital PlayStation 4 games available on any console
    Sony has confirmed that its stance on digital games will remain the same for the upcoming PlayStation 4. With all the recent worries over digital rights management (DRM), it's easy to understand why some would continue to pursue confirmation....
  • Baby Crawling
    Activities for 6 to 12 month old babies
    As an infant develops and grows, the baby becomes more active and it becomes easier to find ways to interact and play with him/her. Parent can better understand what the baby likes and dislikes. There are many activities parents can do with their...
  • Power Electronics Engineer
    Power Engineer Job in Rockford, IL - Goodrich
    Goodrich touches every aerospace product in the world. They have over 140 years in the business and they manufacture nacelled and pylon systems to aerospace and defense markets in the world. They currently have an opening in Twinsburg, OH team,...
  • FB Pages
    How Artists Can Use The New Facebook Pages Layout
    For those artists who can't afford the giant marketing teams just yet, have no fear, 440 is here.The Branding and Artist Development firm, 440 Artist Alignment, located in Los Angeles, knows one or two things about the "struggeling artist...
  • N_design.jpg
    How a designer can freelance in Utah
    TheGraphic Design industryincludes a wide field of career possibilities.The graphic designercoulddo freelance designing for many small businesses;you could work for some of the firmsthat specialize ingraphic design services; or you could create...
  • My version of the CS5 logo from adobe.
    CS5 Release coming very soon.
    Most releases of new upgrades for programs often make the user apprehensive of changes to the tools and software, which by itself can cause difficulty in understanding. However with the new CS5 release by Adobe coming April 12, 2010, Adobe has...
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