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  • Rainbow
    Free-will and Determinism as it relates to Christian Apologetics
    There are two kinds of Christian Apologetics: those intended to persuade non-Christians of the truth, relevancy, and value of the Christian Worldview and those intended to give Christians reasons for what they believe.Just so, there are two kinds...
  • Free will
    The 'free will' wars - what all the fuss is about.
    If you are not aware of the huge pitched battles taking place among academics of all colors on the question of free will, you might already understand, intuitively, where the battle lines are drawn..Let us open with the standard theist position:...
  • decisions ... decisions
    Whats the point if It's all determined?
    It's all determined/predestined, so whats the point to pray and evangelize? First off, one should know the bible is the standard of truth; therefore, they know God is relational and listens to the prayers of the righteous. A marriage without...
  • Sam Harris' Caltech talk on free will
    Sam Harris' Caltech talk on free will
    “What could be more dehumanizing than the view that most of the people most of the time by virtue of the fact that they were born in the wrong place to the wrong parents, given the wrong theology, exposed to the wrong intellectual influences...
  • Free Will
    Review: 'Free Will' by Sam Harris
    Following the success with the short e-book “Lying,” (Review) Sam Harris published his second short e-book titled, “Free Will.” The 96 page e-book lays out Harris’s case against the concept of free will using...
  • Free Will
    Atheism 101: Free-will is an illusion
    Religious believers often claim that we as human beings have Free-will. This means that we have the ability to make choices freely. Or to put it another way, it means that we have complete control over our actions. This is a myth. Free-will doesn...
  • Star Trek
    Free Will and Star Trek
    In getting a bachelor degree in philosophy while at the University of Texas at Arlington, one topic that is fascinating is the free will debate. Do human beings have free will? On the one hand there are the supporters and defenders for free will...
  • Univ of Notre Dame
    “Is Good from God?” Craig vs. Harris debate summary (part 3)
    Part 1 summarizes Craig’s opening statement, here, and Part 2 summarizes Harris’ opening statement, here. This part summarizes Craig’s rebuttal to Harris’ statement. The next part or two will summarize Harris’...
  • Not feeling in control of one’s life predictive of becoming addicted to internet
    Not feeling in control of one’s life predictive of being addicted to internet
    “It’s chiefly a matter of fate whether or not I have a few friends or many friends”“Whether or not I get into a car accident depends mostly on the other driver”“It’s not always wise for me to plan too far...
  • Cosmic Game of Dice - Easy 8
    Randomness, determinism and free will
    Did Ted Williams of Columbus, Ohio "choose" to be born with a melodic tone in his voice perfect for broadcasting, let alone to become homeless and, then again, to be discovered on live TV and receive multiple job offers?Christina Taylor...
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