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  • Lucus Oil Boat Cleaning Kit
    Give your boat a showroom shine
    Boat Cleaning Kit from Lucas™ Oil: Lucus Oil has a cleaning kit on the market that will do wonders for your boat. The kit contains several spray products, a wiping cloth for interior detail and a sponge for applying tire shine. “The...
  • This team of detailers just cleaned polished and waxed a jet airliner
    This team of detailers just cleaned polished and waxed a jet airliner
    Who do you turn to when you need to detail one of United States most iconic jet airliner's? Well the head honchos at the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona enlisted the help of the nations top detailers from Meguiars et al.,...
  • Car Guys Photo
    The Car Guys auto detailing shop is hard to find but worth the effort
    A quote attributed to Sir Henry Royce, co-founder of Rolls-Royce, hangs above the work bench of the Car Guys' finishing bay. It reads, "Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better."Looking...
  • Larry Kossilla at work
    Larry Kosilla and the man behind AMMO NYC
    Landing a job on Wallstreet is the epitome of any economics major fresh out of college, but not for Larry Kosilla. After graduating from the University of Virginia and on to the start of his successful career in New York working on Wall street,...
  • Well Protected
    Why 'winterizing' your vehicle is important part two
    As discussed in previous article or “part one” about winterizing your vehicle. Here we are going to take it a little further. We are going to delve into engine compartment, under carriage, trunk, etc.. Let's start under the hood...
  • Detail
    Why 'winterizing' your vehicle is important, part one
    Many people don't feel the need to winterize their vehicle. The facts actually show that the more you take care of your exterior and interior the longer the vehicle will last. Let's take the winter season into account especially for...
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