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  • Physician pays to fully restore '94 Civic that saw him through medical school
    Physician pays to fully restore '94 Civic that saw him through medical school
    People buy Honda's for all the practical reasons. For the most part, they will last forever if you treat them right (according to your maintenance schedule) and they are notorious for being thrifty with gas and overall inexpensive to maintain....
  • Spanish train
    Train derails in Spain killing 56 and injuring dozens more
    According to a July 24 article published by The Wall Street Journal, a passenger train in Northwestern Spain derailed at 8:42p.m. local time (2:42 p.m. eastern) killing 56 people and injuring more than 70 others.The Wall Street Journal reports...
  • Enjoying a leisurely walk on leisurely Tilghman Island
    Will it Play in Peoria?
    As Wikipedia explains (, this question refers to whether a new concept, idea, product or person, whether it’s a gay marriage or a presidential candidate or a yet another form of diet...
  • Gucci-Scarf Dress with Orchid and Twist Detail
    Gucci-Scarf Dress with Orchid and Twist Detail
    A lovely draped bodice dress is a perfect style in Michigan. The 'Scarf Dress with Orchid and Twist Detail' by Gucci is made of a beautiful and deep cognac hued viscose and silk blend. The sleeveless dress has a V-neckline, a gathered A...
  • Gucci-cape with zip detail
    Gucci-cape with zip detail
    During the Fall season, Michigan's weather often fluctuates up and down. Capes are perfect, stylish garments for cool crisp weather. Gucci offers a ribbed knit, London fog hued cape with an accent of a long fringed trim hanging from the bottom...
  • Carolina Herrera: Feather-Detail Silk Top & Two-Tone Full Skirt
    Carolina Herrera: feather-detail silk top & two-tone full skirt
    Neiman Marcus of the Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan has various Fall preview pieces. One of the premiere designers, Carolina Herrera presents her looks straight from the 2011 Pre-Fall runway show. The 'Feather Detail Silk Top' and &...
  • Lace Details
    Eye for Detail
    This new year is all about progression. Especially when it comes to style and fashion.As we come into the new year we are full of new ideas. It is important that we express these views. What better and more creative way than through the art of...
  • schoos days
    I saw this in front of the local high school on Nov. 20, 2010
    As of Nov. 24, the problem has either been ignored or remains unnoticed.
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