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  • Local sweet goodness: Ohio's McHappy's Bake Shoppe
    Local sweet goodness: Ohio's McHappy's Bake Shoppe
    With all the strife going on in the world, it's comforting to take a few minutes out of your day for an old-fashioned snack. Ohio's McHappy's Bake Shoppe has several locations in the southeast Ohio area. It's a sweet place,...
  • Chocolate and cherry flavors this cake
    Cake flavored with chocolate and cherry
    The combination of chocolate and cherries is a true favorite among candy lovers! A good chocolate-covered cherry is very satisfying according to any chocolate fan! I came across a unique and easy-to-do recipe for a cake that combines these two...
  • Peppermint ice cream, a refreshing dessert
    Peppermint ice cream, a refreshing dessert
    Happy Memorial Day to all of the readers! Hopefully, you have a day off from work today and that you'll be able to rest and relax with family and friends. And let's never forget what the purpose for Memorial Day
  • Brownies that aren't exactly brownies
    Brownies that aren't really brownies
    I'm concluding the series I started on Tuesday about outdoor cooking and preparing for a Memorial Day grilling. The other articles I wrote included a potato salad, grilled vegetables and marinated meats. If you missed any of them, you can...
  • popsicles
    Red, white, and blue frozen treats for Memorial Day
    As Memorial Day approaches, there is one very easy, fun, and unique way to celebrate: with red, white, and blue frozen treats!These festive offerings are the perfect way to cool down and make for fun party favors that also double as delicious...
  • Turn plain pecans into a sweet and spicy snacking treat
    Turn plain pecans into a sweet and spicy snacking treat
    There are many places, especially in the south where one can purchase large amounts of pecans. After a while, eating them straight from the shell can get old or tiresome. Sometimes we look for something a little different to tempt our taste buds...
  • Mini individual cheese cakes
    Mini individual cheese cakes: Choose a cookie or cracker crumb crust
    Cheesecake is hard to resist with its smooth, creamy and lightly sweet taste. One of the biggest issues when baking a cheesecake is slicing it up evenly so everyone gets a slice. After serving a few people the cake knife is left with the...
  • Strawberry dessert that's a sweet-salty combination
    Strawberry dessert that's a sweet-salty combination
    This week, I'm sharing recipes that will utilize the fresh strawberries that are beginning to become available at the local farmer's markets and produce stands. In the event you've missed the earlier articles, here are the links so you...
  • Strawberry pie made the deep-dish way
    Strawberry pie from a deep-dish
    I'm continuing a series on recipes using strawberries, which I started yesterday. I shared some basic information on how to pick fresh berries if you go to a produce farm and how to prepare them for storage. I also shared a recipe for a "...
  • It's time for the strawberries!
    It's time for the strawberries!
    The fresh strawberries are here! I found out within the last couple of weeks that the fruit stands are now stocking fresh strawberries, as well as other fresh fruits. But let's focus on the strawberries! Many local farms have "pick your...
  • Salted Caramel Apple Mini Tarts
    Salted Caramel Apple Mini Tarts
    Everything these days is salted caramel, including a version of this recipe that was recently in the Food Network Magazine. There is nothing better than a blend of sweet and salty. These mini tarts are great to serve with tea or at the close of a...
  • Searching for meringue-topped Key Lime Pie
    Searching for meringue-topped Key Lime Pie
    Stop and think. When was the last time you ate a piece of key lime pie with a real meringue topping? Nowadays, most come with whipped cream – real or artificial.The only right way yields a pie with a yellow filling, a meringue topping, and a...
  • Chocolate cake enhanced with sour cream
    Sour cream goes into a great chocolate cake
    Anyone who bakes regularly knows what sour cream can do for a homemade cake! It adds a lot to the cake to give it moistness and enhances the flavor. Sour cream shows up in many cake recipes, particular cheesecakes. The recipe I have for you is one...
  • Homemade truffles recipe
    Homemade truffles: Chocolate covered pretzel and peanut butter filled balls
    Looking for an interesting treat to greet your family with or serve after dinner along with the desserts then you have found an easy recipe that will amaze everyone. These little circular goodies are packed with an interesting mixture of...
  • Blueberry pie declared to be the best
    Blueberry pie declared the best
    How much do you like blueberries? How much do you know about them? In addition to being good to eat, the blueberry has some interesting facts about them, courtesy of "The Huffington Post": Blueberries protect against memory loss.Maine...
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