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  • How does God describe you?
    How does God describe you?
    God has a definite description of each one of us. People have a description of us. And we have a description of ourselves. All three descriptions might be different. So, which one do you think is the most important . . . God's description,...
  • Art teacher's example of an EET
    EET: Expanded Expression Tool
    How do you get your students to think about their art? Rubrics get confusing and checklists just get checked off. Sure, you can write up questions for every new project or purchase the balls, dice, and cards that never really apply to an art...
  • Woman climbing ladder
    Learn how to slow the climb up the Ladder of Inference: Part 3
    Another method of practicing how we describe behavior is to think about and review the last group project we undertook inside or outside of work and write down how we thought each person did or contributed. The next step to this exercise would be...
  • Glare
    Play-by-Post RPing: Writing posts: actions
    In thelast articlewe mentioned that using nothing but dialogue within a post is a no, and we discussed how describing a character's thoughts and actions adds volumes to the length and quality of the post. Before that, we talked in two parts...
  • Character thoughts
    Play-by-Post RPing: Writing posts: character thoughts and feelings
    Every great story needs great characters, right? Well, so does every great post. And, no, I don't mean including three teens and their pet ferret because the plot needs to be carried out by someone, so any random boy or girl will do just as...
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