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  • Menthal
    Are you addicted to your cell phone? There's an app for that
    New app reveals just how much time cell phone users use their smart phoneResearchers from the University of Bonn have developed a new app for smart phone users. Cell phone users will be able how much time they spend on the phone, or the most...
  • Pastor preaches 'The Essence of Thanksgiving'
    Pastor preaches about 'The Essence of Thanksgiving'
    On Sunday, Dec. 1, Rev. Louis R. Blakey, Jr., pastor of New Canaan Worship Centerin Richmond. Virginia preached "The Essence of Thanksgiving" based on Psalm 100which is a hymn of praise and thanksgiving.After telling the congregation...
  • Bishop Marcus D. McKnight
    'Breaking the Cycle of Dependency'
    Bishop-elect Marcus D. McKnight, pastor of Apostolic Temple of Jesus Christ, shared the message “Breaking the Cycle of Dependency,” based on Ruth 1:1-17. The scripture summary and some of the sermon points are as follows:Scripture...
  • Pizza delivery
    Occupational dependency on Christ
    God has been working on my arrogance for quite some time. But one place where this has shown through the most is actually my thoughts about delivery.See, I deliver pizzas. It's currently my main job, and has been such, for a few shops, on and...
  • Sign saying "we accept food stamps" outside a liquor store.
    When so-called compassion makes us enablers of bad choices
    One of the most colossal failures of progressive/liberal public policy to solve a problem is our country's social welfare policies. President Lyndon Johnson committed us to fighting a so-called war on poverty, and we have spent tens of...
  • Self-reliance
    Daily thought: self-reliance
    Can you depend on yourself when you need something? When you have a need, can you look to yourself as a reliable source or would you not even ask because you know you can't furnish it for you?Self-reliance could not happen overnight but would...
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    What is alcoholism? If I only drink sociably can I still be an alcoholic?
    What is alcoholism? Is it the same as alcohol abuse?Alcoholism is known as alcohol dependency. An alcoholic is a person who has a dependency on alcohol. Alcohol abuse, also known as binge drinking happens when drinking large amounts of alcohol...
  • The 53%
    Romney: Champion of the 53%
    Isn’t it amusing how the Left is convulsing over Mitt Romney’s statements made to a crowd of his contributors, about how he is not tailoring or diluting his message to appeal to the 47% who pay no income taxes? He accurately assessed...
  • Slide of disease not seen by naked eye.
    Do you have one of these class ‘D’ diseases?
    Hardly a person in America is not under some kind of strain, worry, burden, or grief. Never in the history of our nation have families been so worn down with a bad case of the "D's".We all know that there is a reaction to every...
  • No Room
    Praying in Jesus' name
    Several years ago I spent a short time "on the road" with my truck driver husband. I had never realized how inhospitable the people and businesses of America are to the ones who deliver their bread and butter, clothing, shoes, and toys....
  • Girls' Night Out
    Sole mate: Why having a life outside of your relationship can keep you closer
    If you are in a solid, committed relationship, it is not unusual to consider your partner your best friend and closest ally. In fact, knowing that your significant other is the one person in the world who will take you as you are, love you...
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