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  • Republican pundit Karl Rove
    The Most Colossal Cluelessness yet from Karl Rove
    With every edition of his weekly column on politics, Karl Rove seems to become yet even more clueless. The problem is, he is blinded by his strict adherence to inside-the-beltway establishment politics, that gets it wrong every time, and his...
  • Eric Cantor
    Voters looking for fresh blood
    Eric Cantor lost the primary that would have put him on the ballot to run for re-election to Congress. Have you heard about it? Of course you did. You heard about it on the radio; saw it on TV; read about it in the newspaper; and learned about it...
  • Do Not Walk
    Defeat of the Majority Leader is a lesson for all
    Losing touch with what's really important is different for different people. When wandering into the realm of politics, this can turn into a devastating defeat. An incredibly high ranking member of congress lost his seat to a relatively...
  • The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat
    The agony of defeat
    There are times in life when you try your best, and you fail.Yes, you gave that race everything you had. You did your workouts, you ate the right food, made sure you were in tip top shape. The day before the race you made sure you rested. That...
  • Obama admits defeat
    Obama admits defeat, says American public not persuaded to attack Syria
    On Monday, President Obama admitted to Fox News' Chris Wallace that he has not been able to persuade the American people to support military action against Syria in retaliation for a chemical attack against civilians, the Washington Free...
  • World Tae Kwon Do Federation
    To accept defeat
    Chuck Norris Vs Bill "SUPER FOOT" WallaceNo one can learn from their mistakes until learning from their defeats. They say life is not easy!!! Neither is learning to know how to fight back. When learning a self-defense system or a martial...
  • Mega Man III title screen
    Video game walkthrough: Defeating the robot masters in Mega Man III (Game Boy)
    Defeating the robot masters in the Game Boy Mega Man III games is actually one that would be considered different. Unlike the NES versions of the robot masters from Mega Man 3 and 4, these ones could have some differences. For instance, the Mega...
  • Act 90 is out of danger
    Ding, Dong ... the bill is dead
    Great news for pets and animal lovers throughout Wisconsin: Assembly Bill 346 is dead … and will not be carried over to the next session of our state’s legislators!For those who may not know, Assembly Bill 346 was the second one put...
  • High School Football Days
    We divide into teams to fight among our trust, holding the other accountable to be their best. It is only the divide to square up the fight that teams see the greater yield: to try and try with all their might. What is this? Competition is of love...
  • California Prop 19 defeated
    California marijuana dreams go up in smoke for now
    California's Proposition 19, which would have legalized marijuana in the Golden State was defeated 55% to 45%, despite big money donations.The big winners with this defeat, however, might not be who you think. Beer, wine, and hard liquor...
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